4 misconceptions about losing weight that stand in their way to the finish line

4 misconceptions about losing weight that stand in their way to the finish line

There are exercises that are targeted on burning fat just from that part of the body that you want to work on – Ignore all advice on foods for weight loss


Are you looking for any tips and information about exercise and weight loss, you can often come across various misconceptions that will not get you to the finish line, and can only complicate things or force you to give up your diet and workout program. Recreationists are constantly asking themselves what to eat and how to train and look for quick solutions and answers that are offered are mostly wrong.

Make sure you have heard or perhaps follow some of these tips, which does not at all accurate:

Turn fat into muscles

It begins with these words you any advice, be sure that in most cases a complete nonsense. In fact, fat and muscles are completely different tissues and there is a process by which one becomes the other, so there is no diet or training that will excess fat easily converted into muscles.

Do you have excess fat should be monitored program adjusted (reduced) diet, and any physical activity will serve to further burn calories, but if you want to build something of muscle mass, and the diet you are doing strength training and strength. Need to know how it really difficult, sometimes impossible to work on both objectives simultaneously; an environment that is needed to create the body fat-burning is not suitable for the preparation of muscle mass, and vice versa. Beginners will initially successfully lose fat and gain muscle, but according to the current status, body composition, it is always good to determine the primary goal-to build muscle or lose excess fat.


Exercises for a flat stomach

Most often you can get advice on which exercises should be done to remove fat from the abdomen, as well as other parts of the body. However, there are exercises that target burn fat just from that part of the body that you want to “attenuate”. The fact is that we can not selectively addressed hall, but it is a process that takes place throughout the body.

The body will burn stored fat if it at that natjeramo- reduce intake and consume more calories. How is that areas will fat the fastest go really depends on many other factors beyond our control. If you want to get rid fat from any area of ​​the body, it is necessary to follow a proper diet and training that will force the body to burn fat in general, and not to look for ways and exercises that will do so only where it is you imagined.


There is no effect without sweat

Many will try in various ways to the more sweat during training, such as for example, still some deliberately wear more layers of clothing because they think that it will spend more calories. Sweat is not nearly good indicator of the intensity of the training, nor the means to burn more fat the more you sweat. Sweating is the only way in which the body regulates body temperature when it becomes too high.

Excessive sweating in training causes dehydration which can have numerous negative consequences and causes extreme tiredness and a drop in ability, so do not bother as much sweat and observe the adequate hydration during activity.

Foods for Weight Loss

Almost every day you are offered a variety of foods that miraculously melt fat. However, in practice there is no food of which are thin or foods that will accelerate weight loss. Certain foods such as chili, green tea, cinnamon, etc. Can now speed up the metabolism, but it is actually very short and negligible effect which ultimately has no effect on the change in body weight.

This mistake is very harmful because many recreationists water unbalanced child because of incorrect information about foods for weight loss, but also about those who truly gain weight. If you decide to diet, it is necessary to take account of the total caloric intake and an equal distribution nutrijenata- ignore all advice on foods for weight loss.


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