Adele plastic surgery

Adele looks great after plastic Surgery

About Adele

Everyone is talking about Adele on social media, in fact she been victimized for undergoing a plastic surgery. Although she may be known to many and remains popular, I am quite sure she is still unknown to some. Adele as she is commonly known is an English songwriter and also a singer. Born in 1988 in London at Tottenham, to Penny Adkins and Mark Evans, the 27 year old celebrity graduated with a degree in performing Arts and Technology from BTIR School. Since her childhood, she was more interested in singing that studying. And so after getting her degree in 2006, she pursued her dream career in singing. She started with a song about a certain class project that she dedicated it to her friend, and her beloved friend went ahead and posted the song on social media which earned her fame. Being so popular in the social media, Adele was able to be called by a recording company called ‘XL Recordings’ and recorded several tracks and released a good number of albums. Her songs won her several bronze medals for both her singing and performance. Besides her singing career, Adele also acts in various films and series. In 2012, she played the role of Katy Perry in a ‘Part of Me’, she acted in ‘Kingsman’, and last year in 2015, she acted in ‘The Secret Services’. This film is yet to debut in cinemas this year in 2016.

Adele after plastic surgery

Adele Plastic Surgery

After a short disappearance, Adele returned back to the spotlight with new releases and a great figure, her physical changes were noticed by her fans who discussed her in the social media and the photos of her plastic surgeries went viral. From her new video release it was noticed that she had lost some weight that made her look like a teenager. However, the unapologetic Adele asserted that her slim body had got nothing to with plastic surgery, but what about her facial changes? Did she do a nose job?
Adele before and after plastic surgery

Although she denies, Dr. Reneto Calabria, a plastic surgeon confirms that Adele must have done a rhinoplasty as the bridge of her nose is small and the tip is pointed, which indicates that both the lower tissues and the upper lip were trimmed and thus gave her a brand new nose. Furthermore the surgeon asserts that he has noticed the width of Adele’s nasals is slimmer, sharper and refined after the plastic surgery than the way it used to be, as her nose is now a slimmer. Her original nose before the plastic surgery used to be fat, rounder and wider.

In addition, Dr. Reneto further explains that her weight loss was due to the throat surgery she underwent. This surgery affected her and made her shade a considerably amount of weight. Her medical reports depicts that hemorrhage was found inside the cords of her throat which resulted her to inadvertently loss a lot of weight for a small period of time. Similarly, it is rumored that during her cosmetic surgery she may have done liposuction with the intention of reducing fats in her body to get a slimmer figure.


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