Adriana Lima plastic surgery

Adriana Lima Top models are using plastic surgery too!

Adriana Lima Top models use plastic surgery too!

Adriana Lima is a Brazilian Actress and model best known for his Contract with Victoria’s Secret angel since 2000. She has also been appearing in the Kia motors and super Bowl commercials. She had also appeared as a spokesmodel for Maybelline cosmetics from 2003 to 2010. Lima Secured the first position in Ford’s Supermodel Competition at the age of 15 and kick off her career as the Model. In 2012 Forbes declared the list of top earning models in which Lima secured the 4th position, having revenue of around $7.3 million in a year. In 2015 she jumps on the second place on the Forbes top-earning Model list. Lima is also the brand ambassador of the Barcelona-based brand Desigual, sharing the page with model Winnie Harlow. She had also appeared in a couple of short films and tv series such as “The Follow (2001)” and “How I Met Your Mother (2007)”. In 2008 she was seen in the Tv series Ugly Betty playing the role of herself and became friend with the series Title character Betty.

Adriana Lima plastic surgery

Adriana Lima- Plastic Surgery

People a talking a lot about the plastic surgery of Adriana Lima and she can’t avoid that. The longest running model for Victoria’s secret Angel is under doubt of having the plastic surgery of Body and face. As Lima is still not open about plastic surgery people made speculation by comparing the pictures. Many people believe that the secret behind her perfect appearance is maybe because of her nose job, lip augmentation and a breast Job. Let’s take at look at this aspect.

There has been rumors that Lima had the breast Implants. This Breast implants simply changes her breast Shape and added more volume to it. We can see in her current pictures that her breasts are tighter and rounder than before. Therefore, it is reasonable why people think that she had undergone Breast implantation.

Adriana Lima latest Pictures also show the changes on her Lips and Nose. However, the changes are not much visible, unlike to that the changes caused by breast job. You may have seen that Adriana has full lips and plump in her after picture which made people think maybe she had lip injection done. If the Lima’s lip augmentation news is true, then she may have taken more than enough lip fillers.

Adriana Lima before and after plastic surgery

If Adriana has undergone a nose job than it is hard to prove. If you see presents and past photos you will not see so much difference, but if carefully watched you can point out the difference. Her nose had gone under rhinoplasty, which changes the appearance of your nose on the face. Rhinoplasty of the nose makes Adriana’s nose more slim and pointed. Well If Adriana had undergone a nose job than she should be proud of her nose specialist as the nose surgery had given her the perfect slim nose that suits her face too. Adriana’s Nose is considered as one of the perfect celebrity noses.

Well Adriana Lima Plastic Surgery is just a rumor until she confirmed it at all. Their perfect figures develop people’s admiration, curiosity, and jealousness.


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