Adrienne Bailon plastic surgery

Adrienne Bailon Plastic Surgery insecurities

Adrienne Bailon has had breast implants plastic surgery. It is rumored that she has also undergone Botox fillers, eyelid surgery and a nose job. These rumors started at a recent awards party. People wondered about her new looks due to a lot of changes in her face. So what plastic surgeries has Adrienne had done.

Eyelid Surgery

The change most people noticed was her eyes. They are more wide and open than before. On the night of a recent awards ceremony she also used some fake eyelashes. She had surgery known as blepharoplasty. This is a plastic surgery procedure to correct any defects or problems with the eyelids. The eyelids after this procedure seem pretty false and were most certainly not beautiful, but it did improve the appearance of the upper and lower eyelids.

Adrienne Bailon after breast augmentation


Adrienne also appeared to have fresh facial skin. This is because of Botox fillers. Her face was smooth and shining. The frozen appearance of her face is because of this. It seems she is addicted to plastic surgery.

Breast Implants

From recent photographs, we can clearly see changes in the volume and shape of her breasts. Certainly by having plastic surgery breast implants. This doesn’t happen by just diet or exercise. She is proud of her new breasts and this also raised her confidence and self-esteem.

Rhinoplasty (Nose Job)

We are all aware that people are having a nose job for medical treatments for breathing problems and any deformities caused by accidents etc. However, in today’s society, celebrities are doing this to make little change to the appearance of their nasal features. Adrienne’s nose seems changed a little. Older pictures show her with a nose which was big and shapeless. Recent pictures have shown her nose to be both narrow and thing. The perfect fit for a plastic face with fake eyelashes.

Lip Implants

Adrienne’s lips also appear fuller and bigger in volume. Fans, fellow actors and actresses, plastic surgeons etc. have commented that this is still an ugly look. It seems that a ton of fillers have been used to transform her lips. They are over-sized. If the lip implants had been done correctly, it would be breathtaking beauty. Anyone can see that her lips are false. The question has to be asked on why celebrities ruin their natural beauty by going overboard with plastic surgery. She looked so much more natural and beautiful without any of this surgery. Adrienne it can be said is another example of a plastic surgery failure.

Adrienne Bailon before and after nose job

She also admitted herself that her plastic surgery has left her feeling insecure. She has also said that like everybody else she wanted bigger breasts and wanted to go up one size from a B-cup. However, she woke up to double-Ds and spent a number of years hating her chest. This left her with a lot of insecurities.

Now after putting her insecurities aside, she has decided to have her implants removed and has opted for a more natural look.


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