Adrienne Maloof plastic surgery

Adrienne Maloof and her plastic surgeries

Adrienne Maloof and her plastic surgeries

Adrienne Maloof’s is a famous television personality; business woman and philanthropist who started her career in a family run a business. Her career shot to fame when all thanks to her role in the famous television show ‘The real housewives of Beverly Hill’s’. The plastic surgeries that she had undergone had quickly become one of the most talked about topic amongst the Hollywood gossipers. It has been reported that she had undergone various cosmetic surgeries. Truth be told, this didn’t come as a surprise as she did look far younger than what most women look like at her age.

Adrienne Maloof’s ex-husband and famous plastic surgeon Dr. Paul Nassif had even claimed ‘My wife, Adrienne Maloof, had Botox and facial fillers’. A highly regarded and renowned plastic surgeon Dr. Michael Salzhauer had supported Dr. Paul Nassif’s claims by providing a statement that ‘Adrienne Maloof appears to have had multiple facial enhancement procedures such as Botox to her forehead, cheek enhancement possibly using a filler known by the name Sculpture, a brow lifting and a rhinoplasty giving her that subtle scoop to her nose. Her cheeks appear a bit overdone but the rest looks pretty natural’.

Adrienne Maloof plastic surgery

As a television actress and a business woman, it is to no wonder why she went under the knife to get rid of her wrinkles, tighten the skin and remove some facial irregularities. Not all plastic surgeries go well. It works exceptionally well for some but it definitely fails for the others. It’s rumored that she had undergone nose job and eyelid procedures apart from Botox and facial upliftment.

A lot of celebrities often link success to good looks. This could be one of the reasons why Adrienne Maloof had decided to undergo plastic surgery. Her nose used to look much bigger than before but after carrying out the plastic surgery procedure, her nose appears to be much thinner and this perfectly suits her face. The plastic surgeries performed on her were carried out with great precision to make her look younger and refreshed. Her appearance had changed for the better and she seemed to be satisfied by the work done. Many women all over the world crave to look just like her. Some people are even known to go under the knife to perform the same plastic surgeries that their Hollywood idols undergo so that they look similar to their idols. Celebrity plastic surgery has been a source of fascination for decades and speculations over which celebrities have gone under the knife have become a national pastime activity.

Adrienne Maloof before and afterplastic surgery

Some celebs try to hide the work that they have done while other celebrities like the Kardashians freely admit to the fact that they have indeed carried out a couple of plastic surgeries. Plastic surgery has become a popular trend amongst the celebrities of today. These days have witnessed a shift in societies view on plastic surgery. Nowadays, there’s less shame associated with cosmetic surgery. It’s now become a trend for celebrities to carry out plastic surgeries, with more and more celebrities opening up on this personal aspect of their life to the general public. After all, they love to entertain the public, be it front of a camera or on the FrontPage of the gossip column of the leading newspapers out there.


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