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Aletta Ocean dramatic change after plastic surgeries

The wave of plastic surgery is rapidly taking root in the society. Every day, new rumors emerge from all corners of the world about a celebrity suspected to have undergone plastic surgery. Well, some of these talks are true while some are not but in the celebrity world, that doesn’t matter a lot because rumors are a way to publicize celebrities for fame. On the list of celebrities associated with the highest number of plastic surgery attempts at a tender age is Aletta Oceans also known as Aletta Florence or Doris. This renowned actress has undergone several plastic surgeries since 2007 to date. Her persistent effort to obtain a better look may not end anytime soon since she seems to have enough confidence in this rejuvenating program.

Alleta Ocean before and after plastic surgery

Aletta Ocean before plastic surgery

The before photos of Aletta Ocean are a replica of her natural appearance before she developed the desire for plastic surgery. The face below her weave was just fine. She had sharp grey eyes and a bit wider nose though, everything was in proportion to her 5 feet, 8 inches body. Aletta’s lips were a bit flat and more pinkish, as for the breasts, they looked natural-not as big as they are today. They were quite smaller matching her sexy body. Aletta Ocean is a 27 years old girl from Budapest, Hungary. She has a number of achievements in her career that include more than 200 appearances in her movies and a winner of the 2010 AVN Award as well as the 2013 Miss freeOnes contest.


Aletta Ocean after a series of plastic surgeries

There is more than sufficient evidence that Aletta Ocean’s breasts are “fake”, or rather not natural. This implies that breast augmentation was one of the beauty enhancement procedures Aletta couldn’t avoid. Her after photos show the changes in her breasts sizes, a sign that she went for pretty large implants which have increased her bust size. She had her breasts reshaped and re-sized and the outcome was a pair of two ball-like breasts with sharper nipples. Her first breast augmentation is said to have been in 2008.
Alleta Ocean plastic surgery

As for lips, they look to have undergone repeated “lip enhancement“. Lip surgeries don’t last long and so this might have forced her to make several visits to her surgeon. Her lips however are a bit bulgy and quite deformed.

A comparison on Aletta’s nose is quite evident. Her nose looked a bit wide before she decided to go for the nose job. It is said that her first rhinoplasty procedure was done in 2008 and the after photos clearly shows a thinned and less bulgy nose with wider nostrils. Normally, rhinoplasty is usually done for cosmetic or medical purposes. Aletta’s continuous effort to enhance the shape of her nose was not getting any better.

Alleta Ocean after rhinoplasty

With a series of plastic surgery procedures on the facial area, a lot has really changed on the Hungarian entertainer since 2007 to date. Her face can hardly be recognized as hers. The 2015 photo shows a rather strange look of the actress. Her face is quite long, the eyes are wider and grayish, and the lips are a bit in-flatted though the botox injection seems to have worked very well to make her face tighter and smoother. Also recognizable, her facial skin looks firm and wrinkles-free implying a successful facelift procedure. She must have gone for an expert surgeon. To summarize, Aletta Ocean’s series of plastic surgeries seem to have worked in other areas better particularly on the chest area but not on the lips, maybe she will need to face the knife for another attempt.


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