Alexis Bellino plastic surgery

Alexis Bellino Did she use plastic surgery?

Alexis Bellino Plastic Surgeries

Alexis Bellino was born on 19th January in the year 1977 in Missouri, United States. She is a famous American TV personality. She is well known because of her reality TV series known as The Real Housewives of Orange County.

Has Alexis Undergone Plastic Surgery?


Bellino is rumored to have had a nose job. The moment she appeared on media after her nose job, many people believed she had changed but did not recognize what she had actually done to her face. Unlike many celebs who have rhinoplasty to have slimmer and refined nose tips, Alexis had a nose job for health reasons. When Alexis was asked to explain the change on her face, she came out clean and said that she had a rhinoplasty. She even said that she did it to cure some sinus infections that she had and was using antibiotics and nose sprays for quite some time. Alexis went further and said that the same surgeon who had performed breast implants on her is the same one who performed her nose job.

Alexis Bellino plastic surgery

Despite explaining that she had a nose job for health reasons, looking at her before pictures you will notice that Alexis had a hump on her nose. After her nose surgery, you will notice that Bellino‘s hump had disappeared and her nose looked more refined. It seems that her nose job was a successful one because it did not only help her to have a better breathing, but it also resized her nose.

Breast Augmentation

It also appears as if Alexis had breast implants. Looking at her before pictures, you will notice that Alexis had smaller breasts than they are today. Her recent pictures show Alexis having fuller and increased breasts. It is clear that breast augmentation is the reason why she had her breast increase in size. However, people are left wondering why the 40-year-old mother of three decided to go for breast augmentation. Her breast implants are also evident because of the sudden increase in her small breasts into bigger ones. Alexis no longer has a flat chest which makes her look better than she was before. When Alexis was asked about her breast implants, she said that breast augmentation increases her confidence and self-esteem. She also looks energetic and happy in her new breasts.


Rumors also say that Alexis has had Botox injections. She appears to have a smooth and shiny face which is somehow strange of a 40-year-old woman. She appears to have used injected Botox several times which has left her with a thin facial layer. Looking at her recent pictures, Alexis does not have any aging signs. She still retains her youthful looks which is believed to be a result of using Botox. She has also injected Botox to remove lines and wrinkles on her face.

Alexis Bellino before and after plastic surgery

Lip implants

Lips augmentation is regular with many celebs, and Alexis is no exception to this surgery. Looking at her before pictures, Alexis is seen to have slim lips. However, looking at her recent pictures, Alexis appear to have fuller and bigger lips. This is a result of lip implant which she enhanced using fillers. Unlike many celebs who don’t admit to having cosmetic surgery, Alexis admitted to having done lip implants. It is clear that her new lips suit her face in a perfect way and this has made her look more stunning.



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