Ali Lohan plastic surgery facts and speculations

Did Ali Lohan undergo plastic surgery? Well, the answer to this question is still unknown. After all, she denied it herself and same did her sister. Aliana Lohan, also Known Ali Lohan is a younger sister to Lindsay Lohan. The 21 year old modeling agent could not escape speculation by the public that she had undergone a plastic surgery when she came out in Beverly Hills with what they observed as a sudden new look. For those who knew her so well for instance her elder sister and her modeling agent, the claims were totally untrue. Lindsay refuted the claims saying Ali was undergoing “growth spurt”.


Ali Lohan before surgery photos

Well, maybe we can try to establish the cause of public speculation by comparing some of her before and after photos. The Ali Lohan photos were taken in 2011 when she was only 17 years old and truly speaking, there was a reason for the onlookers to be concerned. On the photos Ali’s new face had transformed for a better one. The face appeared to have an added beauty and vibrancy, and she had lost her curves too. Her face looked soft which is very normal for a 17 year girl.
Ali Lohan before and after plastic surgery

The after plastic surgery photos

The a little bit changed face on the emaciated body is what caused a buzz on the internet. Ali Lohan seemed to have grown bigger and better. As a matter of fact, a keen look at her rejuvenated look, particularly the face reveals nicely treated eyebrows under her long weaves. The nose too appears to be a little sharper and thinner than it was. Although the appearance hasn’t changed much but her face looks longer compared to the before photo. There were all usual signs of cosmetic procedures usually done by people with realistic expectations to improve their self esteem and to reshape the normal body structure.

We know that the desire and pressure to have better appearances in the Hollywood world is rampant. Although her modeling agents came out to defend their client as undergoing natural growth progression, it is and was a little convincing to the public since such drastic changes are usually associated with a set of plastic surgeries. The NEXT Model Management statement was that the Company takes pastoral care of their models and urges them to maintain body shape and a healthy lifestyle. This sounds right because models must look cute and slim. However, changes do not occur overnight and the fastest way to achieve this is through the modern rejuvenating program. Most celebrities have been reported to go under the knife.

Ali Lohan before and after plastic surgery

There seems to be some obvious procedures that can be linked to Ali Lohan’s dramatic change including rhytidectomy or facelift which is at times accompanied by eyelid surgery. Another common procedure for facial transformation is through Botox injection. The results are usually a much younger and appealing face attained by the removal of frown lines and wrinkles between the eyebrows.

We cannot also rule out the possibility of a nose job or the rhinoplasty. This is a nose surgery that is usually done to restructure the appearance of the nose. For her tiny midsection, there is a possibility that Lohan’s daughter might have chosen to take the ‘lipo’ or liposuction procedure which is a procedure for sliming and reshaping specific areas of the body by removing excess fat. Normally, this procedure works on hips and buttocks, thighs, chest area, abdomen and waist and other areas.
Although facts seem to tie the claims it together, we can’t just conclude that Ali Lohan’s plastic surgery is true. To actually establish what actually transformed the appearance of the by then 17 year old aspiring model may require a more expert investigation.

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