Alicia Keys plastic surgery

Alicia Keys – What kind of plastic surgery did she have?

Alicia keys plastic surgery is one of the topics being talked about by most celebrity viewers. Her far-reaching transformation has led to many disputes and one of them is regarding to the possibilities of a plastic surgery. She has not given any statement concerning the issue making it quite hard to know what kind of cosmetic surgery procedures she might have undergone.

The 33 year old is a famous musician and actress who consider herself ethnically black. So if she really got plastic surgery then what kind of cosmetic surgery did she have that made her look so beautiful at her age?

Alicia Keys before and after plastic surgery

Alicia Keys Plastic Surgery


This can be proven by her face skin which appears tight and toned. Though she is still young, what we see on her face skin is quite unnatural and unusual for other known women of her age bracket. Her face looks smooth and fresh. When you look at her photos there are no aging signs such as wrinkles and saggy skin. This is unlike other women’s faces who are in her age show frown lines as a sign of aging process.

So far she has not yet made any comment about the rumor. However, when you look at her before and after photos, there is a clear indication of plastic surgery. When you look at her before photos there is a sign of aging wrinkles though they are not clearly outlined. The facelift surgery assisted her to remove wrinkles and the rough lines that may start to appear on her face as she continues to age.

Nose job

It is quite surprising that she would have a nose job yet she always seems like a naturally beautiful woman. Her nose definitely looks like she had rhinoplasty and it appears so natural. The first sign that you spot on her rhinoplasty is the shape of her nose which appears a bit different than it used to.

Her nose previously looked a bit wide with a round tip but her recent photos shows her nose appears more confined and well defined than before. The tip is less rounded and the sides of her nose have been narrowed. The nasal bridge appears narrowed compared to before. The width of the nose is also different. In general her photos of before and after plastic surgery show the change that were done on her nose.

Alicia Keys before and after plastic surgery

Lip enhancement

She also might have gotten lips filler injection. The filler injection is most probably collagen. The use of this injectable filler is targeted to add an extra volume inside the lip area. Alicia Keys lips look thicker and juicy than before. But her lips are still natural and do not appear to get an over injection.

In conclusion, Alicia Keys looks perfect and more mature in her age. Though she has not given any feedback about her plastic surgery rumors, the comparison between her photos before and after shows some truth of the plastic surgery. Whether her appearance looks different or like she underwent a plastic surgery, she definitely looks beautiful.


What do You think about Alicia Keys plastic surgery? Was it done in the right way?


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