Alicia Machado plastic surgery

Alicia Machado plastic surgery and weight Gain

Alicia Machado and Her Massive Weight Gain

Alicia Machado was born on 6th December in the year 1976 in Maracay, Venezuela. She is an American actress, a singer, a TV host and a beauty queen which made her become Miss Venezuela in the year 1995 and later Miss Universe in the year 1996. She has gained a lot of popularity because Hilary Clinton even mentioned her during her first U.S. presidential debate in the year 2016. She came out clear and said that she was going to support Hillary. Machado started showing interest in acting at an early age. She began dancing while she was four years and acting while she was 12 years. Machado also attended college for one year and a half but she later left to undertake a modeling course. Machado has featured in various movies such as Samantha, La Madame, Mambo Y Canela, Amor sin maquillage.

Alicia Machado plastic surgery

Has Alicia Machado Undergone Plastic Surgery?

Plastic surgery has become something common because it is being practiced by almost each celeb in Hollywood. Celebs appear in front of cameras now and then, and they need to look perfect and amazing, and for this reason, they tend to go for plastic surgery so that they can enhance their looks. Plastic surgery procedures are also known to make these stars become more confidence while on camera. Alicia Machado is a beauty queen, and people believe that she is no exemption to cosmetic procedures.

Breast Augmentation

Machado is speculated of having breast enhancement procedures. Sources say that she went from A cup size to a D cup size. This is quite a great change, and some of her fans can’t be convinced that she has not undergone breast surgery procedures. Some people say that her increase in size made her have the drastic change in breast size.

Machado is known to have gained a massive weight even after explaining that she never thought that she would have issues with how she looked, but this changed after she was insulted by Donald Trump who is the current United States president. She said that her family even complemented her of being a beauty, smart and also powerful.

Machado said that she gained some 15 lbs after she won the miss universe title. She never saw herself as fat. The problem came when Mr. Trump referred her as Miss Piggy and an eating machine, and this made her feel terrible.

Many people are left wondering why the weight gain even after she explained that she was just following a healthy diet, doing dancing and also normal workouts.

Alicia Machado before and after plastic surgery

After some time, Machado got rid of her torments even after being called names. She even posed for the Playboy magazine, and she went ahead and sent an autographed copy of the same to Donald to make a statement that he had not broken her. Machado admits of taking pills and also following fad diets so as to achieve a perfect shape.


We cannot confirm whether Alicia had plastic surgery or not but the truth remains that she feels good in her shape even after getting insulted because of being fat and weighty.


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