Amanda Bynes – Too young for so many plastic surgeries!

Amanda Bynes, currently 29 years old began professional acting when she was only 7 years old. This brought her into the spotlight in the year 1999 when she landed “The Amanda Bynes Show”, her own series of Nickelodeon. Of late, this TV star has remained on the headlines not because of her Show but for bizarre behavior and most important for undergoing series of plastic surgeries.


Amanda Bynes before undergoing surgery

Amanda was born with birth defects, a bulge on her nose that resulted to webbing between her eyes. In 2013, this star had plastic surgery done on her nose to correct a birth defect that caused her webbing between her eyes. This was just the beginning that made her almost unrecognizable to her TV audience.

Amanda Bynes before and after plastic surgery 1

After the first nose job, which was aimed to relieve her of her insecurities and boost her confidence, Amanda developed more interest on surgeries. She was motivated when she succeeded to boost her confidence immensely and as a result, she was prompted to go for other two nose jobs and later on in 2013, Bynes decided to go for a breasts augmentation though it was later on revered as she claimed that it made her less comfortable.

Today, her nose is hardly recognizable as her own as it had much of the swell on the upper part sliced off.

Amanda Bynes before and after plastic surgery

The results of her surgeries

Several pictures were taken thereafter and they showed a complete healing. By the next day her photos were exceptional and her nose was little scarring. However, with the breast implants, she must have gone for quite not larger compared to her original pair that made her body look out of proportion to the breasts. Her change in facial features has got a lot of comments from many who wonder what other possible types of surgery she has undergone in secret. Rumors has it that Amanda Bynes series of surgery include an eye lift since her eye brows appear to be in changed position, there are also opinions regarding her thinner cheeks.

Amanda Bynes before and after plastic surgery 2


Apart from the breast implant that failed, Amanda’s facial surgeries were successful. However, considering her yearning for much greater looks, the public is still worried of her next move and which other type of surgery is she intending to have.



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