Amy Adams plastic surgery

Amy Adams Plastic Surgery for more beautiful face?

Amy Adams is an American actress and another famous name to the ever growing list of celebrities alleged to have undergone plastic surgery to enhance their looks. She was born on August 20, 1974 in Vicenza, Veneto, Italy. Having started her career on stage in dinner theaters, it was in 1999 that she made her screen debut in a black comedy film dubbed Drop Dead Gorgeous. However, her role in the 2005 movie Junebug, is what gained her acclaim and landed her a series of roles in a number of movies such as Talladega Nights and the Ballad of Ricky Bobby. Junebug attracted positive reviews from all quarters with Adams enjoying a great deal of attention as well. She was honored with a Screen Actors Guild Award for her performance in addition to an Academy Award nomination for Best supporting actress. Other movies she has starred include; Enchanted, Charlie Wilson’s war and Miss Pettigrew Lives for a day and doubt for which she got nominated for the Academy Award for best supporting Actress.

Amy Adams before and after plastic surgery

Amy Adams Plastic Surgery

Despite her popularity in the movie industry, Amy Adam’s name has again been on the lime light but on entirely different grounds. This time it was as a result of rumors that surfaced, with the actress being reported to have undergone a surgical procedure to refine her nose, even though there wasn’t too much distinction of the nose before and after the surgery underlining the success of the procedure.

These rumors were substantiated by the claims of disparity in the way her nose looked a few years back and at present. The disparity is noted as a slight upturn with a sloped bridge in her original nose which then appeared straight and with a more even bridge after the alleged surgery. However, there were claims from some quarters that the change could be as a result of make up, aging and lighting, which was not entirely convincing to most people. Some comparisons of her nose have even been drawn from her young age where her nose was big and not pointed at all unlike after the rhinoplasty procedure, where it became more pointed with the bulbous nose missing.

Never the less, it would be fair to say that the alleged nose job Amy Adams underwent was very successful to the extent that it drew a debate on whether she had faced the knife or not. It came out so well that she even looked more beautiful than before. Despite having a pointed tip to her nose which looks unnatural according to some reports, it still fits well to her face in a manner that it is hard to tell the transformation.

Amy Adams before and after plastic surgery

It is apparent that some physical transformations after plastic surgery could be disturbing, but for Amy Adams, it was not the case. This is because her alleged nose job gave her face the right proportion. The rumors did not deter her film career though as in 2013, she starred again in the highly acclaimed movie Her, before embarking on Lullaby and Big Eyes as part of her projects for 2014.


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