Amy Poehler plastic surgery

Amy Poehler total plastic surgery transformation

Amy Poehler total plastic surgery transformation

Amy Poehler was born on 16th September, 1971 in Newton, Massachusetts. She became a member of the improvisational comedy cast called Upright Citizens Brigade after moving to New York. She also became a member of a Saturday Night Live from 2001 to 2008. She has also been known for her character in the Baby Mama film, Mean Girls Film, Spring Breakdown film just to mention a few. The 45-year-old star knows how to take care of her stunning looks even after giving rumors that she intended to go for cosmetic surgery together with her friend Tina. Speculations run that the Spring Breakdown actress is among the many stars in Hollywood who are manage looking naturally stunning when using cosmetic procedures.

Amy Poehler plastic surgery


The Baby Mama star before and after plastic surgery photos help us see the change in her face. It is comprehensible that Amy used to have a more natural face compared to what we see now. Her skin nature helps us see the difference that cosmetic surgery can bring. Amy Poehler recent pictures show her having a smoother and tighter face but don’t look natural as compared to her before pictures. At her age, we expect to see her with wrinkles, but what we see is an actress with a wrinkle-free face which explains the use of Botox injections to combat the aging lines. The Botox injections have been well administered thus giving this star a younger looking face as well as drawing people’s attention.

Lip injections

Amy has also had possible lips injection procedure. Just like her facial complexion change, reshaping of the lips is also important to many celebrities. It is difficult for Amy to hide her plump lips. Her recent pictures show her having a lip filler effect that is believed to have been jabbed to both her lower and upper lips. The liposuction procedure made Poehler’s face change significantly and not only to her cheek and forehead area, but the surgery also tightened the areas around her eyes as well as pulled her face skin causing a facelift. We can see this clearly is her recent pictures compared to her before pictures when her face looked round.

Besides Botox to improve her revitalizing experience, Amy is rumored to have gotten filler injections on her face. The fillers were done on her cheeks, chins, as well as the lips. A lot of people were impressed with the way she used these injections because it was not overdone as it happens to some people.

Amy Poehler befo and after plastic surgery

Breast Augmentation

Another possible plastic surgery is breast implants. Before pictures show her having small breasts which were a cup size compared to her recent pictures where her breasts have enlarged. This made Amy Poehler be speculated of having breast augmentation through implants which are true as we can see from her before and after pictures.

When asked whether she has gone for plastic surgery, Amy Poehler strongly denies despite the clear change in her breasts and face. In her book, she states that has had veneers instead of cosmetic surgery procedures. It is true to say that Amy has become more gorgeous and continues to attract many fans.


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