Amy Schumer plastic surgery

Amy Schumer plastic surgeries

Amy Schumer plastic surgeries

Amy Beth Schumer was born in 1981; the renowned actress, standup comedian and producer hit the film industry with her standup comedy “Inside Amy Schumer” that was well received and liked in the industry.

The 36 year old actress seems to be looking younger and younger each year. The question that has been hitting the social media time and again is “has Amy Schumer undergone any kind of plastic surgery?” The comedian and actress’s career continues to rise in the industry with each new success, looks as youthful as she was when she hit our air waves.

With this speculations, her fans have noted that the actress and comedian has fuller lips that they suspect could have been achieves through Botox and fillers injections. It has been speculated that the fuller lips are as a result of juvederm or restylane injections commonly used by other celebrities. Though the fans and the gossip mill have speculated about this, the famous actress has never confirmed any of these claims.

Amy Schumer plastic surgery

Other rumors and speculations from fans and experts imply that Amy Schumer may have also gotten cheek implants.  This speculation was arrived at after a comparison of Amy Schumer’s pictures currently and those from her earlier years in the film industry. This comparison led the experts to harbor suspicions of cheek implants, a lip job as well as Botox. From these speculations; the social media is buzzing with photos of the actress and comedian in before and after plastic surgery photos. A glance at these photos being displayed genuinely show a new radiance and youthfulness of the actress. Her face glows and seems fuller. Though the celebrity has always had a full bosom; now the fans claim that her cleavage is more ample and that too may be the result of a breast augmentation!

Despite the fans and expert speculation, Amy Schumer keeps her stand from the interview with cosmopolitan a few years back. In this interview Amy Schumer stated that she did not like plastic surgery; her view was that plastic surgery was not good for people. She also stated that she understood the pressures of the film industry where one is judged by their appearance and therefore would not judge those who underwent plastic surgery.

Amy Schumer before and after plastic surgery

While the entertainment; especially the film industry seems to always conclude that the radiance and youthfulness of celebrities is due to plastic surgery and Botox injections, there are other ways to achieve the look that Amy Schumer currently has. One of the ways is by gaining weigh; and Amy Schumer has added some weight and the changes in her body can be easily attributed to this weight gain. In fact; the weight gains as the reason for the changes like fuller lips; larger bosom and the filling cheeks make much more sense compared to the speculation of plastic surgery and Botox injections.

I guess the question on whether or not Amy Schumer has undergone any form of plastic surgery, continues to remain a debatable speculation in our minds and social media pages.







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