Angelina Jolie Plastic surgery

Angelina Jolie plastic surgery tweaks to improve her beauty!

Who doesn’t know about Angelina Jolie? I am pretty sure, there is no one who is unaware about Angelina Jolie. Angelina is the branded beauty queen of Hollywood. She is a world famous film actress, social worker and filmmaker. She started her journey on the way of Hollywood in her childhood. She came to Hollywood holding his father’s hand. She has won several awards like Golden Globe Awards or Academy Award as the recognition of her contribution in Hollywood. Angelina has been always beautiful from her childhood. She is blessed with natural exotic beauty. Yet, she has gone under the knife to make some trivial changes to improve her god-given beauty.

Angelina Jolie plastic surgery

Nose Job

The most strong rumor about her plastic surgery is- she has done nose job to reshape her nose a little bit. Probably she has gone through the Rhinoplasty procedure to fine-tune her nose. There was a visible nasal tip in her nose. But, now it is all gone. Her nose is more refined and thinner now. Her nose perfectly fits in her face now. Even, the line between her nose and forehead is totally straight like a perfect portrait. No wonder, her nose wasn’t so perfect before. So, it is more or less clear that she has done some nose jobs.

Angelina Jolie before and after plastic surgery


Comparing the age of Angelina, it can be said that she should have some wrinkles around her eyes and on her forehead now. But, surprisingly, she doesn’t have anything like wrinkles on her face. Her forehead is totally smooth and her face skin is very tight like an 18 years old girl. Only, Botox injections can make skin look like that. That means she has applied plastic surgery procedure to remove the wrinkle from her face and to make the skin tighter.

Lips Reduction

Generally, most of the Hollywood celebrities want bigger lips and so, they go under the knife to to get enlarged lips. Only, Angelina is the exception in this case. If, you judge her teenage pictures, you will find that she got much bigger lips that time compared to her lips she got now. Her lips were extremely big and those were unfit on her face. So, she has gone through the lip reduction procedure to get more balanced and perfect lips. Now, she got extremely beautiful lips, which suits best on her face.

Angelina Jolie before and after plastic surgery and removing tatoo

Breast Implants

Among all the allegations of plastic surgeries, Angelina has only talked about her breast implants. She has confessed that she has gone through a complete breast augmentation procedure to get new breasts. But, the main reason behind the breast implant wasn’t getting new and bigger breasts; rather she wanted to eliminate the risk of breast cancer. Angelina lost her mother in her young age. Her mother was a patient of ovarian cancer and she died at her age of 59. So, Angelina doesn’t want her children to lose their mother in very early age. Therefore, she took this decision of implanting her breast to drop the chance of being attacked by breast cancer to a great extent.


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