Anjelica Huston plastic surgery

Anjelica Huston – Plastic surgery pillow face?

Anjelica Huston, who is very well known American actress and daughter of film Director, John Huston,was born on July 08, 1951 at Santa Monica, California, United States. Till today, she has won hearts of her fans through her marvelous acting and performances. She also won many film awards like the Best Supporting Role Actress for performance in Prizzi’s Horror released during 1985, Blockbuster Entertainment Award, and a lot of nominations. She also won Academic Award Nominations for movies like the Enemies, a Love Story (1989) and The Grifters (1990). Her most remembered work is in the movie The Adam Family (1991) and The Witches (1990), which are much aliked by the children all around the world.

Anjelica Huston before and after plastic surgery

Anjelica Huston plastic surgery

The plastic surgery is no doubt a marvelous footmarks of science and its inventions. It can totally change you and give you different look as in the case of Anjelica Huston. She has entirely changed her looks after having her facial surgery, indeed, she is unrecognizable. She appeared on the television show “Smash” after her face surgery and was tottaly weird. We only knew Anjelica Huston with round visible cheeks, deep and curled eyes, and definitely her smile that has ruled the cinema and TV screen for more than three decades.Anjelica Huston before and after plastic surgery

She is now 61 years of age and started appearing on first page of every fashion magazines and shows. She looks remarkably strange, all the cheeks with plumping bulbs have gone and there is smart and slim lady before you with all gestures and strong style. There is no doubt that Anjelica Huston is strong and time has made her even stronger. She started her carrier at early age of just 28 under the Directorship of her own father. Till today, she did not look behind. She also had road incident with a BMW in early age in which she broke her nose and had bone injuries in her skull. At that time, she also had a major surgery nose job (rhinoplasty) to get her nose at the right place.

It is rumored that she also had Botox injections as well and treatments hat involve her chin and cheeks. She appeared on the “Smash” press conference little time ago and put many of her fans in baffle. Why she might have opted for another surgery that has ruined all that have been done before? To have surgery at this stage of life when everything is just over but she is strong and recognized her value to the fashion industry with her styles and new look. She now has pillow face with lot of fillings which have removed her face lines and scars that appeared due to age factor. The skin is now saggy and it looks weird. She didn’t need that last one but Botox can go terribly wrong when it is used in a wrong way or when doctors exaggerate.

The nose has also got a better look and heart-shape and her lips have also got unique look which younger girls desire to have. When she went to her doctor, the doctor said they have unique thing for her called the Botox.

It is her decision to have cosmetic surgery in this age of life but she has got what she had dreamed of and had in her visions of having her plastic surgery.


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