Anna Faris plastic surgery

Anna Faris plastic surgery for sweet comedy actress?

Anna Faris is a remarkably sweet, cute actress of Hollywood. She is a popular film producer also. Anna Faris was born in 29th November in 1976. She is mainly a comic actress. The most remarkable movie of her was the “Scary Movie”. Her acting in this movie was really magnificent. Anna Faris is naturally blessed with great beauty. Yet, as like the other celebrities of Hollywood, she has also applied the path of plastic surgeries to magnify her naturally blessed beauty. And as usual, she also didn’t reveal much about her plastic surgeries, except about her breast augmentation.

Anna Faris before and after plastic surgery

Anna Faris plastic surgery

Breast Augmentation

Anna Faris’s first marriage didn’t work out for her and so, after the divorce, she decided to move on and focus on her career completely. She started her new life with a breast augmentation surgery to get a new fabulous appearance. Fortunately, she got what she desired. Her breast augmentation surgery was really successful and so, now she has got new big breasts. She looks prettier and sexier now this way.

Botox Injection

Considering the age of Anna Faris, it is really simple to expect some aging wrinkles on her face and forehead. But, surprisingly, you will not see any wrinkle on her face. Even, her facial skin is as tight as the facial skin of a teenage girl. So, it will not be wrong to presume, that she has injected Botox or silicone to eliminate the aging signs from her skin.


Rhinoplasty is a too common plastic surgery procedure to use to reshape the nose and in Hollywood, a lot of celebrities have used the Rhinoplasty procedure to fine-tune their nose. Anna Faris’s more pointed nose indicates that she done some nose job to match it with her face structure. You will observe the difference of her nose, if you see her previous and recent images properly. There are clear differences between them. Fortunately, the new nose shape of Anna Faris has increased her beauty to a great extent as it perfectly fits in her face.

Anna Faris before and after plastic surgery

Lip Augmentation

Anna Faris has also gone under the knife to get new pretty enlarged lips. Her look has been changed a lot after this lip augmentation surgery, as lips have great influences to change the appearances of us. Whatever, she looks prettier after this lip enhancement plastic surgery.

Chin Implants and Eyebrow Lifts

Strong rumors roam around about the chin implant and eyebrow lifts of Anna Faris. But, it is not quite sure that she has lifted up her eyebrows through some plastic surgeries. Yet, her eyebrows look more lifted and different recently. It may be the outcome of the expert work of a great makeup artist. There still remains a fair possibility of applying plastic surgeries on the eyebrows of Anna Faris. About the chin implant – it is also not certain that she has undergone any chin implant surgeries to change her appearances. Yet, her totally different face shape, claims that she has done some surgeries to get the chin reshaped.

Whatever the situation is, it is definitely true that after the plastic surgeries, Anna Faris looks fresher and sexier now than ever before.


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