Anna Gunn plastic surgery

Anna Gunn Breaking Bad and plastic surgery

Anna Gunn Breaking Bad and plastic surgery

Anna Gun was born on 11th August in the year 1968 at Santa Fe, New Mexico in the United States. She attended Northwestern University where she attained a degree in theater in the year 1990. She later joined British American Drama Academy to get a professional degree in actress and music as well. Her actress career began in the year 2012 where she first featured in AMC Drama Series known as Breaking Bad. She has also featured in various top dramas and films and also won several awards because of her adaptable talent as an actor.

There are speculations about Anna Gunn having plastic surgery procedures; however, the good-looking actress has never confirmed any of the rumors. The star’s before and after photos leave no doubts that she has gone for plastic surgery procedures to make her look more stunning.

Anna Gunn plastic surgery


There are rumors that Anna Gunn has gone for a nose job surgery which is clearly shown by her before and after pictures. The stunning actress had a nose job surgery in her season two and three of Breaking Bad series. Photos between the two episodes show Anna’s nose getting thinner compared to her before photos which explain she had a nose job procedure.


The actress also seems to have gone for a facelift. In her third and fourth episode, we see the star appearing to have a much tighter and refined face compared to her before pictures where her face appeared loose. Even if she denies going for the surgery, people are left wondering if she did it or not because if you keenly look at her before and after pictures, you will notice the changes.

Fillers and Lip injections

Anna also appears to have taken Botox injections. Her recent pictures show the actress having a fuller face and lips as well. Pictures of her while still acting the series brought out these changes compared to her before pictures prior to her life as an actress. It would be valuable for the beautiful actress admitting the plastic surgeries other than spending her time to deny it each time she is interviewed, while it is evidenced by her before and after pictures. The fact that her lips and face have become fuller is evidence that she has gone for Botox procedures.

Anna Gunn before and after plastic surgery


There are no aging signs in her facial complexion. At her age, we expect to see signs of aging as well as wrinkles on her forehead and cheeks, but this is not what we see. Her teen pictures show a young good looking lady, while her after and recent photos show normal minor changes. Women of her age already have aging signs which leave many people with questions because it is not possible to still look young without having plastic surgery procedures. He lips also appear stouter than before which is a probable plastic surgery procedure.

Anna’s before photos also show that the well-talented actress appeared much thinner than she was during the series. Her round head appears a bit big for her weight compared to the underweight women who have heads smaller than their bodies. When asked, Anna claimed she was still big than usual when she featured in Breaking Bad, and the doctors had also prescribed some treatment to make her shed some weight. She said the treatment made her bigger than she was.

Whether Anna Gunn did the plastic surgery or not, we can say that whoever who did it to her was perfect and gave an incredible result because the actress has become even more stunning than before.


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