Anna Kendrick plastic surgery

Anna Kendrick what plastic surgeries did she use?

Anna Kendrick what plastic surgeries did she use?

Anna Kendrick was born on August 9, 1985, in Portland, Maine. She started her acting career by performing onstage as well as playing Dinah in the Broadway Musical Society. She has featured in Twilight series, Pitch Perfect movie, End of Watch as well as Scott Pilgrim vs. the World. In the year 2009, Anna received an Oscar award for being the Best Supporting Actress.

Plastic surgery has become a trend for many celebrities to improve their career as well as their appearance. Anna Kendrick is one of the actresses who has gone for plastic surgery procedures to improve her femininity appeal. Comparing her recent pictures and those in the past, we can clearly see different changes that plastic surgery has done to her.

Anna Kendrick plastic surgery

Breast Augmentation

The 31-year-old hot star has been speculated to have breast implants; this is because of her bra size. Considering that Anna has a slim figure, it is believed that it is hard finding a 34D cup size bra on a slim woman. Her before pictures show her having small breasts which are referred to as banana shape but her recent pictures we see Anna having big and round breasts and in a 34 D cup sized bra. She looks natural in the breasts, but the fact remains that she has undergone plastic surgery procedures which are explained by the size of her bra size. We also see a great change in her bust size which is claimed to be a result of breast augmentation. Several photos also show her breasts looking bigger than they should be although they don’t look overdone.


Anna Kendrick is also said to have had rhinoplasty or nose job to make her face more beautiful. In her before pictures, her nose was not very pointed but what we see in her recent pictures is an actress with a more pointed nose. Her nose also appears to be slimmer with straighter nostrils which eliminate doubts about Anna having plastic surgery procedures. Some experts say that she has not undergone cosmetic surgery although we can prove this as a lie because we can see the changes from the pictures.

Anna Kendrick before and after plastic surgery

Lip injections

Another surgery that Anna is rumored to have done is lip injections. Anna appears to have fuller and plump lips than she used to. Her recent pictures show her lips been fuller than her before pictures. This is evidence that this amazing star has gone for lip injections. The surgeon who performed the surgery to her did a great job because her lips don’t appear to be overdone, but they appear to be perfect giving her a stunning look when on camera and off camera. She must also have had fillers to take care of her full cheeks as well as make more attractive dimension to her face.

Women like Anna Kendrick have all it takes to be celebs. Truth be told if she has had implants, her surgeon did an outstanding job. She is what most youthful ladies dream to be. Several people say that they hope that Anna will not go for any appearance enhancement because she is stunning the way she looks. She has an attractive gene.


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