Anna Kournikova plastic surgery untold story

Anna Kournikova′s plastic surgery untold story

One of the most beautiful tennis player in the history Anna Kournikova is apearing in the photos with big breast that is saying something about plastic surgery or it is the newest version of push up? Comparing the images we can say that it is a matter of plastic surgery not only because her Brests are evidently bigger, but are also more pushed up with cleavage.

In a interview the popular tennis player notorious in many movies and songs, said that she is natural and is still looking for a men of her life. The impression is that she was a little bit stressed when she was talking about plastic surgery. Is this a little prove that she is hiding something from us? Try to compare these new photos and you will get an answer.

Ana Kournikova plastic surgery

At early age she started with sport and not yet completing 15 years she was playing a key role in the world tennis. So, is it her appetite an indicator for hers today’s bigger breast after she left active tennis play? With no doubt, Anna look’s have changed due to that she is more mature and is not anymore in the professional sport, that sometimes can be very exhausting for the body. Now, she has more experience and every question about plastic surgery is handling very well.

Ana Kournikova plastic surgery

The second set is about her face and there are no substantial changes that you will see in the upcoming photos. We can say that comparing her look today and in the time when she became a top model (at that time was still playing PRO) the conclusion is that she is now looking better.

The sport prognosis is approving that in the future Anna will be more attractive, with good genes and make up her charm will reach the top of popularity. Still, will she resist to a plastic and fast way to keep her young beauty?


After 14 years Anna is still with Enrique Iglesias after 14 years and its been a long time since we have seen any of her late photos. Last night (on Thursday, Aug. 6, 2015) they were seen at the Palm Restaurant in Bevery Hills.  Kournikova looks very thin and almost anorexic. Maybe it is because of the wardrobe she was wearing…

Anna Kournikova anorexic



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