Anne Hathaway plastic surgery

Anne Hathaway – Before and After Plastic Surgery

Anne Hathaway – Before and After Plastic Surgery

With some celebrities you find yourself glancing (ok, staring) at pictures of their newly inflated chest or slimmer nose, asking, “Did they…? Didn’t they…?” And then there are other celebrities who just look so incredibly altered from their dorky teenage pictures that we know without a doubt, “Yep, they’ve been under the knife!”

Anne Hathaway is a celebrity that somehow sits in the middle of the two because she has never confirmed (nor denied!) any surgery rumors. That beautiful, perfectly-proportioned human being is the poster girl for many a teenager’s bedrooms and we can all see why; Not only is she a looker but she has the incredible acting talent to keep all the doubters at bay. Her moving work in Interstellar, her kickass portrayal of Catwoman and her quirky role as the ethereal White Queen in the Alice in Wonderland movies all have critics throwing awards her way and directors seeking her out for their next leading role.

Anne Hathaway plastic surgery

If you look at pictures of the Brooklyn native when she first entered the movie scene in 2001 starring in The Princess Diaries (don’t we all still see Mia Thermopolis whenever we see Anne Hathaway?!), you’ll see a fresh-faced young girl with a self-described “boyish” chest (although I don’t know any boys looking like that)…which leads us to her first surgery:

The most obvious one: Breast Implants

Plastic surgeons around the world agree that yes, Anne Hathaway has had a breast augmentation, lifting her to a curvy 32C bra size. She now commands the red carpet in figure-hugging, plunging neckline dresses and shows off her chest to the world. Her body has become the envy of many a female who long to wear the stylish and revealing clothes Anne seems to wear like a second skin.

The impeccable knife work: Nose job

You can see Anne’s nose way back in the early 2000’s was wider at the base and was slightly bulbous at the tip. Well, those very slight imperfections have now been chipped away and she sports a slim, straight nose that can only be described as perfect. The surgeon can pat him- or herself on the back for this job as they’ve ensured Anne has kept her regal look without appearing to have been under the knife.

Anne Hathaway before and after plastic surgery

The dubious but definitely possible one: Lip fillers

Anne’s lips went from being nothing unusual in her younger days to suddenly appearing beautifully plump and radiant in her later appearances. A lip filler such as collagen can be injected into the lips to accentuate an already beautiful lip into a bigger pout. And it certainly hits the mark as with a touch of lipstick, Anne Hathaway’s lips are sexy red forces to be reckoned with.

So looking at one of the most beautiful women in Hollywood, you can see that Anne hasn’t gotten to where she is by pure luck and genes – she’s had help in the surgical department to amplify her already impressive assets: a breast augmentation lifted her from a “boyish” figure to a curvy one, her nose job fixed small imperfections in order to create a sculpted masterpiece and the lip fillers plumped those kissable lips into a perfect Hollywood-worthy pout. This incredible and talented actress has so much going for her that we hope to see her continue in leading roles for many years to come!


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