Anne Heche plastic surgery

Anne Heche and plastic surgery

Anne Heche and plastic surgery

Anne Heche was born on 25th May the year 1969 in Aurora, Ohio. Her acting career began while she was 16 years when a certain manager spotted her while she was in a school play. Anne first played a role in the soap called As the World Turns, but her mother had instructed her not to take participate in the play. Her mother told her to complete her studies first, but she declined and flew to New York for the auditions. After graduating from high school in the year 1987, she was offered a dual role in another soap called Another World. She was also awarded a Daytime Emmy Award for the most outstanding young actress for playing dual roles in a drama series. Anne later made a primetime debut in the Murphy Brown TV series. She has also featured in films like Volcano, Wag the Dog, Six Days Seven Nights, Nothing Left to Fear and others.

Has Anne had plastic surgery?

Many celebs get plastic surgery just to get rid of a spot or two on their face or body. The 48-year-old actress has for several times been speculated to have had plastic surgery procedures. It would seem that Anne opted to have a complete overhaul. The actress is still famous, and her looks appear to have changed in many ways which is evident that she has used cosmetic procedures.

Anne Heche plastic surgery


Anne Heche is not a young woman anymore. Therefore the fact that she almost has no wrinkles on her face is clear evidence that she must be using Botox injections to hide her aging signs as well as giving her a smooth and tighter face. Her recent photos show that Anne has no wrinkles which is almost the same look while she was young. We expect to see women of her age having aging signs, but this is not what we see with Anne which explains that she might be using Botox injections.


Recent photos show that Anne’s eyes look a bit slanted and tightly pulled together compared to her before pictures, this has brought rumors that she has undergone brow and eye lift as well. Botox injection near the eyes would also be a result of this so as to remove lines which would probably cause sagging eyes. After her plastic surgery procedure, we can see that her eyes appear to have been pulled sideways which is a result of a slight eye and brow lift.

Anne Heche plastic surgery


The 48-year-old is also rumored to have had rhinoplasty procedure. Anne’s before pictures shows her having a less sophisticated nose but her recent pictures show her having a well straightened and polished nose. People believe that she took the nose job procedure to advance the tip and nostril area of her nose.

It is clear that Anne Heche had plastic surgery for a face-lift, brow lift, Botox, eye lift as well as rhinoplasty. It is also obvious that she did these procedures to help her maintain her youthful age and overall her cosmetic procedure was a good idea.


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