Ariana Grande plastic surgery

Ariana Grande what plastic surgery did she do?

Ariana Grande is a rising star in the sky of Hollywood. This new and young diva has already captured the hearts of millions of listeners. It is said that she will be the next Mariah Carey. This little pop princess was born on 26th June, 1993. This cute princess started her singing career on a cruise shop where she sang for professional purpose for the first time. This sweet singer was stepped into Bollywood as a teen idol. But, now she has a perfect mature image in Hollywood. This 21 year old singer has the capability to enchant people with her superb sweet voice.


Ariana Grande before and after plastic surgery

Ariana Grande plastic surgery

As like the other celebrities in Hollywood, she has also applied some plastic surgeries on her to make her body and face more perfect. So, her appearance changed a lot compared to the previous time look of her. To get the desired beauty, Ariana Grande has applied nose job, eye lift, lip injections and breasts augmentation procedures.

Nose Job

If you carefully notice the 2008’s picture of Ariana Grande, you will see that she had a bulbous nose at that time and also it was much wider too. But, now she has quite pointed and thin nose. Her new smaller and pinched nose has fitted on her greatly. And it looks very natural on her too. Therefore, it is confirmed that she has gone through some nose jobs and the procedure has become quite effective for her. Most probably, she has applied the rhinoplasty procedure to get a more pointed and smaller nose.

Face Modification

Ariana Grande has also brought some changes on her face. She has used some cosmetic procedures to reshape her face to get the desired state. So, you will see that her face shape is also more refined and prettier now.

Lip Job

Like the famous actress Megan Fox, Ariana Grande has also applied some cosmetic procedures to enhance the beauty of her lips. Through lip injection, she has changed the look of her upper lip quite tremendously. This second plastic surgery has also brought great change in her face.

Ariana Grande before and after plastic surgery

Weight reduction

Ariana Grande has lost her weight noticeably. So, there is a rumor that she has undergone the liposuction procedure to remove excessive fat from her body. But, whether the rumor is right or wrong, can’t be confirmed yet. Though Ariana Grande has claimed that she has reduced the weight through diet and food controlling; yet there is still a fair chance that she wants to hide the truth about her plastic surgeries as like the most of the other celebrities in Hollywood.

Breasts Implants

Another major and visible change of her body is- her new breasts. Her new sets of brests are more explicit and bigger than the previous ones which has changed her body appeal to a great extent. This naturally beautiful princess always had a beautiful body. But, now after the breast implants, her body has become more attractive and flawless.


Thus, through some special cosmetic procedures and plastic surgeries, Ariana Grande has added more beauty to her beautiful body and face.


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