Ariel Winter plastic surgery

Ariel Winter plastic surgery for breast reduction

Ariel Winter, 17-year-old star of the hit series “Modern Family” has decided to talk publicly about breast reduction which she recently underwent. Well, this is unusual.

We always talk about celebrities that went for breast augmentation procedure because celebrities want to be more appealing to their fans. Ariel Winter decided to do exactly opposite thing merely for medical reasons.

She decided to go under the knife due to unbearable pain in the neck and back. The operation took place in June, and she told “Glamour” reporters that she feels like a brand new person now. She reduced her breasts from size 32F to 34D.

 Ariel Winter plastic surgery Рbreast reduction

Ariel Winter claims that large breasts were a problem when recording the series starring nerd Alex Dunphy: “They had to try to hide my breasts in the series. They tried big sweaters and ribbons. I know it did not suit the character which they have imagined. It was hard¬†work every day. ”

Ariel Winter before and after breasts reduction

However, the real problem was the long standing that is day by day becoming more and more difficult and caused the unbearable pain: “I really could not stand up straight for too long. I was dying of pain. My neck hurts, and I had problems with the spine.”

As she said, because of breast size it was very difficult to find the right dress. Dresses made for her age never had breast cups that fitted her. so every dress for events had to be custom made.

Ariel Winter before and after breasts reduction

Ariel Winter doesn’t want to talk about plastic surgery, but she confided to colleagues, Julie Bowen and Sofia Vergara who have supported her and Vergara said she loves her new breasts.

She didn’t speak about plastic surgery and breast reduction with her mother since she moved in 2012 after accusations of abuse: “We do not talk. In all situations I rely on my older sister. She will find out what she will read in the papers and I have no problem with that.”

In the end, Ariel Winter said, I decided to share my story to help other girls: “This is an improved quality of life and I think it might help other girls. Satisfied with himself more than ever.”


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