Arnold Schwarzenegger plastic surgery

Arnold Schwarzenegger Bodybuilding and plastic surgery

Arnold Schwarzenegger Bodybuilding and plastic surgery

Arnold Schwarzenegger was born on 30th July the year 1947. The American and Austrian actor still look great, and his appearance never changes very much. The famous actor has been able to accomplish many things in his life, from bodybuilding to an acting career and finally to becoming the Californian Governor. The 69 old year former governor is speculated to have gone for cosmetic surgery. Arnold has little aging signs in his facial complexion. However, some of his photos show something bizarre in his appearance, and this tends to explain why people have speculations about him going for plastic surgery procedures.

Arnold Schwarzenegger plastic surgery


Arnold’s plastic surgery has of late hit the headlines of the celebrity magazines. He was speculated to have gone for Botox injections to enhance and improve his cool appearance. His recent photos show him having an impressively tight and smooth facial looks compared to his before pictures. People are left wondering what kind of plastic surgery did he get because judging by his before and after photos, we see Arnold free from any aging signs. The actor denies the rumors of having gone for fillers and Botox, but in the recent years, we can see that Arnold has added some weight as well lost his past fit physique which explains he has gone for cosmetic procedures. Compared to many people of his age, we expect to see him having a sagging face as well as wrinkles in his forehead and around his neck. Thus, we highly believe that Schwarzenegger’s plastic surgery speculation is true.


It has also rumored that Schwarzenegger may have gone for eyelid surgery. His before photos show him having face curves, but in his recent pictures we see him having a softened face free from curves which is believed was done by jaw reduction to take care of his sagging and dropping eyes.

Cheek and chin augmentation

The other sign which shows that Arnold has gone for plastic surgery is his chin and cheek appearance. His recent photos show him having a fuller and higher cheek which is not common for men of his age. It is believed that he must have gone for cheek implants to complete his earlier surgery process. His chin appears pointed and without signs of sagging skin, and it is well known that such appearance can only be acquired through chin implants. His before and after pictures also show a much difference thus bringing out a clear evidence that he had not only a chin implant but also cheek augmentation. When he is asked about it, Arnold strongly denies ever having chin and cheek augmentation; however, several plastic surgeons believe his cool face is out of cosmetic procedures.

Arnold Schwarzenegger before and after plastic surgery

Other plastic surgery procedures

A certain surgeon who was working on Arnold’s face found something unnatural which he referred to as a sign of plastic surgery. He noticed that the actor had benefited from a neck lift, facelift, liposuction, as well as hair transplant.

Despite whether the speculation about Arnold Schwarzenegger plastic surgery procedures is true or not, we can all say that whoever did the surgery did it perfectly because his appearance looks stunning and great even though his age is no longer youthful.


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