Ashlee Simpson plastic surgery

Ashlee Simpson’s many plastic surgery procedures

Ashlee Simpson plastic surgeries

Celebrity plastic surgery is everywhere. Ashlee Simpson is one such American celebrity who has undergone many procedures that is why she looks fine with her age. She was born in 1984 in Waco, Texas. She is an actress, a pop singer and a dancer . It’s beyond any reasonable doubt that this celebrity has had a ton of plastic surgery on her face and body to look as good as she looks today. Having gone through these procedures, she still maintains a youthful appearance. All the plastic surgery procedures come out successfully. There are many rumors that her dramatic look has come as a result of plastic surgeries. The 34-year old has been successful in her career due to these new looks. Let’s look at some of the plastic surgeries she has undergone;

Ashlee Simpson plastic surgery

Rhinoplasty surgery

In 2006, she was on top of headlines due to her new nose. Once she went through the procedure, her appearance changed completely. Initially, she had denied having undergone the procedure but later came out publicly and accepted. She became prettier since her nose fitted her well. She further expressed her joy of her new looks. Some people criticized her that she went through the surgery since she felt insecure but that fell on deaf ears. She denied the claims. A bump was removed from the singer’s nose .In addition, her nose looked like it was swollen before. Once the surgery was done, her nose looked small and thinner. However, her family came out and expressed their concern. They said the procedure was done since the way her nose looked made her have problems with breathing. Her curved nose was straightened. She challenged her critics that she has control over her body and she can always improve her looks to something better. She said that it was her personal issue and she made a decision to do it. Unlike the other celebrities, she has not denied any of these facts. If you compare her before and after plastic surgery photos, you can note the difference right away.

Chin surgery

You can easily note the difference if you compare her current look with her old time photos. There are rumors of this surgery but she has not confirmed in public. Her old photo shows that the chin area is supposed to be soft while her current photos show that her chin has quite shortened.

Breast implants

From photos that were taken sometimes back, she had small breasts but current photos show an increase in breast size. This is something that is easy to detect by just looking at her. The good thing is that the procedure was done well without any exaggeration making her look natural since they fit with her body figure. However, she has not yet confirmed this in public.

Ashlee Simpson before and after plastic surgery

Lip fillers

Her lips look much bigger. Sources have confirmed that she goes for regular lip filling. Her critics say they don’t match with her face.

Through these surgeries, Ashlee Simpson looks much more beautiful and all the changes fit her body perfectly. There is no doubt she feels more confident.


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