Ashley Judd Plastic Surgery

Ashley Judd Plastic Surgery or sinus infection?

Ashley Judd is no doubt one of the most beautiful and talented actresses in the 20th century. With big hits like Ruby in Paradise (1993) putting her on the spotlight, the 47 year old is still moving the big screens to date with more hits like Divergent. However her success has had a lot of controversy with many critics purporting her looks are the reason for her popularity, with rumors of plastic surgery usually in the mix-up.

Ashley Judd Plastic Surgery Rumors 

The start of Ashley Judd plastic surgery rumors began when she appeared in a Canadian Television Network promoting her then new Series Missing. Her face seemed bloated from the ordinary, rumors circulating that she had too many fillers. However she defended herself the following month starting that the puffy state of her face was because she was under steroid medication. She blamed it on a sinus infection hence the puffiness. Still fans and critics alike are not taking her word for it, stating it is a clear sign of after plastic surgery effects and she did not wait enough to be healed.
Ashley Judd after Plastic Surgery


Before and After Photos

Looking at Ashley Judd’s before and after photos and her explanation on having a sinus infection, does not seem to match up. This is for the simple reason that there is a clear divide among cosmetic surgery experts with many saying that it is clearly a bad reaction to the fillers used. Others on the other hand state that from their professional viewpoint, Botox and fillers do not react by puffing the face all over but rather in particular places.

Recent appearances 

Ashley Judd plastic surgery rumors have recently resurfaced with her appearance for the premiere of the divergent Sequel. According to comments, many see that she has gotten her regular face and back to her old self. Many likewise went on to advise her that she looks beautiful this way and should steer clear plastic surgery, as it will just ruin her attractive looks.

Ashley Judd reaction 

The rather private Ashley Judd decided to break her silence to address the rumors. She first addressed the Botox and filler rumors, stating that an illness is confused for going under the knife is just malicious. She continued to saying that she was more disappointed with the fact that women lead the pack to slander her. However it seems like Ashley Judd has a lot of support as other celebrities came to her defense. Many jumped to support her, siding with her comment, stating that no one really knows what she went through. Others stated that since they have not gone through a sinus infection as bad as she did, they would not know if the medication would react the same way. In this case have no reason as to why they should say it’s otherwise than what she has explained.


Ashley Judd before and after Plastic Surgery
Considering that Ashley Judd Plastic surgery rumors only arose when she was promoting Missing series, then the possibility of it being true is there. Still with the fact that her face is back to her normal self e comparing before and after photos. However all in all, Ashley Judd is still one of the most beautiful woman in the movie industry with or without any touch ups done on her face.


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