Ashley Rickards plastic surgery

Ashley Nicole Rickards – eating disorder and plastic surgery

Ashley Nicole Rickards – eating disorder and plastic surgery

The 24-year-old American actress was born in Florida and grew up in horse farm that took care of needy children like her. Born of a single mother she has outgrown the humble background to become a household name in the drama television industry. She is well known for her role as Jenna Hamilton in the popular MTV drama series “Awkward.” Her role in the film industry is far much more than the troubled little girl she played in this drama series.

Her breakthrough into acting was realized soon after graduating from high school at the tender age of fifteen years when she appeared in a music video and her ability gave birth to her next deal which she had to appear in the screens as a foster girl; Samantha in “One tree hill season six.” Since then, the rest was meant to be history as the clichés go. She has had superb deals coming her way from securing a deal to play in outlaw three years later to appearing in major television series such as “The Flash.” She is set to make an appearance in “Dimension 404” as a bright girl whose procrastinating habit messes up her life. In 2011 she was crowned the best performer in Arizona International Film Festival awards for her act in “Fly Away” where she played as an autistic young girl.

Ashley Rickards plastic surgery

Besides filmography, Ashley runs several projects such as one that advocates for an end to human trafficking and sexual slavery. The actress is also a poetry lover, a painter and an author to a teens’ help guide book. It is in this book that she shares her personal life with the rest of the world on how she has had to fight with her eating disorder. The overweight young girl who was the laughing stock of her neighborhood had to cope with the demands of the film industry to utilize her talent fully and was finally able to say it out and seek medical attention for weight loss solutions.

Ashley Nicole Rickards and plastic surgery

Her personal life is further punctuated with controversial remarks of cosmetic procedures she has undertaken. To begin with, she is enthusiastic about here bravery to endure wisdom teeth extraction thus making the procedure widely documented. Many young stars of her age prefer to straighten their teeth with braces and Ashley’s bold step to have her wisdom teeth removed may be taken as a prophylactic approach and a cosmetic action too.

Ashley Rickards plastic surgery

Similarly, Rickards is thought to have responded to critics of her lips size with a lip job after the conclusion of “awkward.” The injection of lip fillers made her lips plumper giving her lips a more enhanced cupid bow. They are consequently more appealing to her fans and this further silenced her long-time critics of her poor makeup skills as they seem to be impressed by her new look too.

Moreover, it is also rumored that she received a breast enhancement surgery following the influence of her onscreen mother “Nikki Deloach.” The talk was further strengthened by obvious breast size changes on selected scenes in the TV show. Ashley Nicole Rickards herself took to Instagram and posted a photo of her well-displayed bustline and the accompanying caption explained that the nipples were not hers. She might as well have fooled us all and those were just prop breasts!


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