Ashley Olsen after plastic surgery

Ashley Olsen – Are rumors on botched plastic surgery true?

Ashley Olsen – Are rumors on botched plastic surgery true?

Celebrity nose jobs and breast augmentations have become a common place in the entertainment world. Ashley Olsen is said to be have joined the footsteps of her twin sister in search of enhanced beauty.

There were rumors that Ashley Olsen and her twin sister underwent for some nose job to look similar in 2002. By then Ashy Olsen’s nose was a bit sharp and broader than Mary Kate was.

Ashley Olsen after plastic surgery

According to insiders, rumor has it that they both went for a nose job so that their noses could look similar. The nose job seems to have gone pretty well with Ashley looking much more like the sister, evident in their before and after photos. Neither of the two has ever acknowledged or denied the rumors.

Filler procedure gone wrong

That wasn’t the last appointment that Ashley had with the knife. Recently, she is said to have gone for a liquid facelift procedure. The filler procedure is reported to have been done just before the festive season last month. Unfortunately, according to a source close to the celebrity, the procedure went horribly wrong. In the words of the insider, “The procedure caused Ashley’s face to bruise, blacken, and swell”. Apparently, the procedure has left the star very shaken.

According to the Liquid Facelift Association, Liquid facelift procedures assist in dealing with wrinkles and lines, and they are non-surgical. However, the association added that the procedure is not permanent. Moreover, the procedure may have negative reactions in people with neuromuscular and cardiovascular problems as well as people who are hypersensitive to some of the treatments.

The liquid facelift involves the injection of dermal fillers that include Botox, Radiesse, Juvederm, and Restylane. Most people go for the procedure as it takes less effort that a more invasive procedure and has very little chance of complications.

Ashley is said to be experiencing necrosis. According to a reputable doctor, the condition occurs when some bone tissue dies due to lack of adequate blood supply. The condition is reported to have caused Ashley to have a permanent dark mark on her face as a result of the interaction of the condition with the treatments. However, Ashley is said not to have given up on the facial plastic surgery and is looking for other doctors.

In the meantime, Ashley is reported to be undergoing corrective procedures to recover from the horrific procedure. Some of the procedures include the oxygen therapy that requires her to stay for long in a hyperbaric chamber.

Unfortunately, Ashley Olsen has not officially appeared in public or made a statement as regards to the rumors since her purported plastic surgery. Until she appears officially, this matter cannot be conclusively concluded.

Ashley and Mary Kate Olsen before and after plastic surgery

Ashley Olsen is a renowned fashion designer, a talent actress, and a producer. She made a name for herself along with her twin sister Mary-Kate Olsen after they set up luxury fashion brands such as StyleMint, Elizabeth and James, and The Row. She is also a former Full Hose star.

Ashley is said to have been afflicted by Lyme disease in May 2015. Thus, if the rumors are true, it will be terrible for her to undergo another horrible health ordeal. We sincerely hope that the rumors about her botched plastic surgery are not true at all.

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