Ashton Kutcher plastic surgery

Ashton Kutcher is using plastic surgery too?

Ashton Kutcher Plastic Surgeries

Ashton Kutcher was born on 7th February the year 1978 in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. He is an American investor and actor. Ashton started his career as a model and later went into acting. He made his movie debut in Coming Soon which is a romantic comedy. He has featured in many romantic comedies such as My Boss’s Daughter, No Strings Attached, Two and a Half Men, Just Married just to mention a few.

Did Ashton Kutcher undergo Plastic Surgery?

Plastic surgery has become a trendy thing especially in the U.S. and mainly done by the celebs. Many of them go for this beauty enhancement either to retain their youthful age or to get a stunning look. The 38-year-old actor is evidently handsome, and he is adored by many women because of his looks although some of his fans have been surprised by his new appearance after having plastic surgery. Some people speculate that his new appearance looks a little bit unnatural. They also rumor that his looks are a result of plastic surgery procedures.

Ashton Kutcher plastic surgery

Ashton Kutcher first rumors of having plastic surgery were after his name appeared in the In Touch magazine list of Hollywood actors speculated of having cosmetic surgeries.


Judging by comparing Ashton’s before and after pictures, you will notice something strange on his face particularly on and around his nose area. It seems that he did a rhinoplasty surgery to reshape his original nose. Looking at his before pictures, you will notice that he had a rounder and wider nose which is no longer the case. In his after surgery photos, you will notice Kutcher’s nose appears to be narrower and also more defined at the middle cartilage and the tip. Many people believe that he underwent plastic surgery for his nose job. However, Ashton’s nose job was carried out successfully and perfectly, and he appears to be more attractive with his new nose. His new nose shape also appears to fit his face frame in a perfect way.

Sources have also claimed that Kutcher did not only get the nose job once, but he had two surgical treatments. His first surgery was when he was still in high school and the second treatment followed later. Despite whether this handsome actor has had plastic surgery procedures severally, Kutcher now looks stunning and elegant. His plastic surgery is outstanding and is way far compared to other stars surgery procedures which turned out to have negative results.

Ashton Kutcher before and after plastic surgery

Jaw Implants

Ashton is also rumored to have had jaw implants. Comparing his before and after photos, you will notice the change around his jaw area. When people noticed that he had jaw implants, it looked very odd for the former model to have jaw implants. His recent pictures show him looking strikingly different compared to his before pictures. Many of his fans say he shouldn’t have had jaw implants because he was already a successful actor, model and loved by nearly every woman. His nose job was fine and looked okay on him, but the jaw implants are believed to be odd on him.


If Ashton had a nose job, then his plastic surgeon did a perfect job because he looks natural in his new nose that fits his face perfectly. His nose job also seems to be a matter of personal opinion regardless of whether he had a rhinoplasty or not.


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