Aubrey O'Day plastic surgery

Aubrey O’Day plastic surgery on different body parts?

Full named as Aubrey O’ day was an American singer and was once a member of the Danity Kane. She has also been a model for a number of magazines such as Blender and Playboy. Overall, she’s a famous celebrity who used to take a lot of interest in cosmetic enhancements and plastic surgery as well. Since her debut, she had done butts, nose and breasts implants for the sake of more perfection. Fillers and Botox for the improvement of her face as well. In order to feel the difference, you just need to compare some of her previous photographs with the recent ones.

Aubrey O’ day does not look real now because she has done a lot of implants like butt implants, breast implants, Botox, lip fillers and nose job. All of the celebrities used to hide all about their cosmetic and plastic surgery.

Aubrey O'Day before and after plastic surgery

Aubrey O’Day plastic surgery

She has finished her conversion from a fresh looking charming girl to plastic spectacular looking hot beauty of Hollywood.

Over the previous many decades, her look has transformed so much that she doesn’t look 31 years old and now nobody can recognize her from her days of” Danity Kane”. In the year 2008, she also denied the reality that she had done plastic surgery while giving an interview to Wendy Williams, although it was clear from her transforming look.

However, the supposition has been common that she has done Botox and breast implants, had lip and cheek fillers and nose job but still she denies about all the rumors.

Implantations in different body parts

Fillers injections and nose job

Aubrey O’ day accepted that she had done filler injections and nose job too. Nose job results are quite clear. Now she has a narrower nose with peaked tip and it seems like as if she is much happy with her present nose now. She also had not denied about her fillers injections. Some places on the face that were provided with fillers were the lips and cheeks. And her lips looked sexier after fillers. Maybe this is the result of her inspirational personality.

Aubrey O'Day before and after plastic surgery

Breast Implants

Body appearance and improvements are required to look sexy. She had also done breast implants to increase the size of her breast. It was the concept of some women that having large sized breasts can increase their confidence and would be eye-catching for a lot of people. Aubrey might have the same thought. Her present look is so great and curvy.

Butt augmentation

Because of her large-sized butts, her name came under the hot news in social media. This was a big sign that she had done plastic surgery. One can easily feel the difference by comparing the pictures. As she had already accepted her plastic surgeries.


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