Axl Rose plastic surgery before and after 04

Axl Rose, his appearance before and after plastic surgery

Being a celebrity comes with a lot of demands and responsibilities as one needs to meet these unbeatable demands. For instance, Celebrities in the music industry have set great examples for the youth in their quest to have the best of life, something that all and sundry have tried to live up to. Many a times, when catastrophes rock our beloved country, they have always demonstrated the spirit of togetherness by raising relief funds. This article focuses on one such celebrity in the name of Axl Rose. It further bases its emphasis on Axl Rose, plastic surgery, before, after and the consequences of the surgery itself.

Rose is an American Song writer and a musician who is one of the founding fathers of Guns N’ Roses and the hard rock bands. He is one of the best singers the world has ever had. Plastic surgery is gaining a steady popularity among celebrities, particularly the male characters. Axle Rose is no exception. Currently in his 50s, Rose is vibrant and very youthful, courtesy of

Axl Rose plastic surgery before and after

cheek implants and Botox therapy. To begin with, Rose was an attractive young man. It is no doubt that plastic surgery has made him less handsome, a fact that might seem him lose his attractiveness if he underwent another surgery, prompting some of the fans to ridicule the process as a bad one, reminiscent of Michael Jackson’s.

Axl Rose plastic surgery before and after

It seems quite obvious that the surgery undertaken by Rose was a deal gone wrong. A big difference exists in the face of the star. His cheeks are more fuller than it previously was. Another remarkable difference is the redness in his face, something that was barely noticeable before the surgery. Conclusively, it should be noted that Rose is just but one of the many celebrities who have had their surgeries going the wrong way. What only keeps the fans wondering is what their motivators for such actions are.

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