Barbra Streisand plastic surgery

Barbra Streisand’s Journey to Beauty using plastic surgery

Going Under the Knife: Barbra Streisand’s Journey to Ageless Beauty

In an industry under the spotlight, those who possess beauty that defies time is promised longevity. Sheer talent is not the only requisite to stay in the show business industry. Those who rise above others by possessing both spectacular talent and ageless beauties are the strongest of the folds.

Barbra Streisand, who has accomplished a great feat by winning a Grammy, an Oscar, a Tony and an Emmy, has maintained her flawless and timeless look. Even with the age of more than seventy, she still manages to have a wrinkle-free appearance. According to sources, she spent around $7,000 for regular treatments and nearly $36,000 for plastic surgery.

Barbra Streisand plastic surgery

Her before and after pictures that have surfaced on the internet would prove that her age-defying beauty is enhanced by science. Here are some speculated treatments that she has undergone to maintain her vibrance:

Face Lift and Botox

For someone who is over seventy who still sport a youthful skin, plastic surgeons assumed that she might have undergone face lifting paired with non-invasive Botox injection. The allegations are based on her tight and expressionless face. Although she has a smooth and fresh face, it appears to have lost its usual suppleness. Nevertheless, the singer has little to no visible wrinkles. She could pass for someone in her thirties.


Streisand is one of those in the industry who is known for her prominent nose that’s why people conjectured that she had it operated. Although her before and after nose pictures exactly looks the same, kibitzers claim otherwise. The award-winning singer strongly denied all rhinoplasty issues; she explained that any operations in her nose will affect her singing capacity.

Breast Augmentation

From a postmenopausal woman, whose breast still looks full, tight, and round, some experts speculate that she underwent breast augmentation. They added that maintaining that cup size is almost impossible for a somebody in her age

Eyelift Surgery

Eyelift surgery is the removal of excess skin or other aging signs under and upper the eyes. Barbra Streisand’s eyes still look beautiful without excess skins at the age of seventy. That fact triggers speculation that she has been under the knife for still maintaining widely opened and fresh eyes.

Barbra Streisand before and after plastic surgery


Over the years, the singer has maintained an incredible shape. Allegations have it that she did something around her stomach. This does not hold much weight since even in her younger years, she is known to be slender and lithe

Cheek filler-Injection

Unlike women in their seventies who have saggy looking cheeks, Streisand’s still looks smooth and desirable. Rumors started that she had it done by using filler injection, especially in her mid-cheeks.


In a business where all eyes are on you, you still need to maintain perfection; to suffice this going under the knife is a viable option. It could be because of the influence of science and advancements for beautification or just maintaining a healthy lifestyle. The singer in discussion claims that she combines yoga and meditation to stay fit. She is also not engaged in smoking or partying during her prime. For the case of Barbra Strebisand, it is a tough job judging whether she had done all the speculated plastic surgery procedures.


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