Bella Hadid Plastic Surgery

Bella Hadid Plastic surgery and modeling

Bella Hadid plastic surgery

Bella Hadid is a quite popular American Model. However, in 2010, most of the people did not probably recognize her by name or by face either until recently where she has started garnering major attention for the plastic surgeries she has gone through. There is a drastic change in her face from 2010 to 2014 as noticed at the Red Carpet of Kids’ Choice Awards. There was a period between 2011-2013 where she was not spotted in any of the major events and has no photo documentation. It is assumed that all the plastic surgical tweaker has taken place in this time gap.

Bella Hadid- Before and After:

The first thing that was noticed when Bella Hadid made her appearance in the Red Carpet of Kids’ Choice Awards after a gap was a change in her nose. It definitely was not the same which was documented in a photograph taken in 2009/2010. It has now got a more refined shape and the tip looked smaller than before. The nose job was done very nicely and it was pleasing to see her. Moreover people started comparing her to Jennifer Lawrence stating that Bella Hadid looks no much different than Jennifer with black hair. Rhinoplasty (plastic surgery performed on the nose) was becoming very common procedure for the young actresses.

Bella Hadid Plastic Surgery

However, it was suggested and noticed that, this was not the only plastic surgery that Bella Hadid had gone through. It was spotted out that there was even few changes on her lips. Earlier her upper lip was much thinner than the lower lip. After surgery and in her recent photographs, the upper lip looked much fuller. She is not found smiling in the photographs anymore granted, it could be because it’s not being stretched out. She has got the stained lips indicating of her getting injections on the upper lip. This can also be a case of permanent upper lip Implant. It is Interesting in analyzing the facial symmetry, that adding fullness to the upper lip balances out her face, as the tip of the nose was shortened.

Later in the same year 2014 , Bella Hadid’s hair started getting darker and now she adopted her signature style of a center-parting tight up do noticed in Teen Vogue and Sportmax event. She was seen make-up free in The Daily Front Row Fashion Los Angeles Awards in 2015. Here also it was seen that her nose looked quite chiseled. In the same year, Bella’s look in Met Gala was like jaw hitting the floor. Her skin looked flawless and very UN-realistic. This can be termed as a side effect of plastic surgery.

Bella Hadid Plastic Surgery

Bella Hadid’s last appearance in the year 2015 was at the CFDA Fashion Awards where her complete transformation into a dark/black haired Jennifer Lawrence could not be ignored. Her interventions has turned out to be an excellent move for her career as is often the case with most of the actor/actresses. Truly, it has made the difference between an average girl on the street and A listed model.


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