Bella Thorne plastic surgery

Bella Thorne plastic surgery for young Disney star?

The sweet and pretty Disney star Bella Thorne was born in 8th October in 1997. She is from Pembroke Pines of Florida. Her career in Hollywood was started as a kid model. Her debut film was “Stuck on You” and it was released in 2003. After that she has acted in many films and TV series. Recently, the appearance of this young star has changed a lot and it can be assumed that she has already gone under the knife to bring modification in her beauty in this early age of her career.


Bella Thorne plastic surgery

It is really sad that in Hollywood it has become a trend to go under the knife to magnify the beauty. Therefore, young or middle age- celebrities of every age are taking the help of plastic surgery to reshape their beauty or to remove the aging signs. Unfortunately, they are not happy at all what they have. Consequently, excessive plastic surgery leads them to the devastating way. Sometimes, we also see that due to excessive plastic surgeries or wrong surgeries the real beauty gets lost forever and instead of beauty addition, ugliness gets added. Everyone knows the result of plastic surgeries; yet they apply plastic surgeries to get instantly added beauty. Whatever, let’s back to our discussing topic. There are some allegations of plastic surgeries on this cute young star Bella Thorne. But, most of them are not certified yet.

Bella Thorne before and after lip augmentation

Lip Injection

Bella Thorne always had thin lips. But, recently the look of her lips has changed completely and those look fuller and larger. Her puffed up new lips reveal the truth of her getting plastic surgeries. And this new lip shape of Bella Thorne clearly indicates that she has used lip injections to puff up her lips. May be, fillers like – Restylane or Juvederm have been used to serve this purpose. Who’s going to tell her that she looked more beautiful before the surgery? Now-a-days, plastic surgery has become an obsession with the celebrities and they are not ready to consider the consequences, they just do it like Bella Thorne. Her lips looked far better before the plastic surgery and now her lips look like zigzag street. We just don’t know-what she is up to. But, undoubtedly, it can be expressed that she has wasted her money and natural beauty through the surgery.

Bella Thorne before and after breasts augmentation

Nose Job

Rhinoplasty has become the only solution to reshape the nose in America. The number of people who are applying this Rhinoplasty procedure to reshape their nose in the USA is really terrifying. According to some reliable information sources, Bella Thorne has gone under the knife to apply the Rhinoplasty procedure in the beginning of this year of 2015. There are obvious changes visible in the shape of her nose. Her nose was quite wider before the nose job. But, now she has a narrower, thinner and more pointed nose, which really very different from the previous one. This radical change of her nose shape clearly discloses the fact of getting plastic surgeries. Though, public reactions to this change of her nose shape are not so favorable; Bella Thorne seems happy with her new appearance.

Breast augmentation

One more plastic surgery is often talked about and it is breast augmentation. Since there is no proof of that surgery, we only could guess looking at before and after images. They are getting bigger… Of course, Bella is still young and that could be natural thing in a girl at her age.


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