Ben Affleck plastic surgery

Ben Affleck improving his look with plastic surgery?

Benjamin Geza Affleck – Boldt is a very famous American actor and filmmaker who was born in August 1972. He was born in Berkeley, California and that is where he also grew up at. He has records showing that he is of irish, Scottish, German and Swiss ancestry. Benjamin Geza Affleck-Boldt was raised by his mother from the age of 11 years after his parents divorced. He has studied in universities and colleges like University of Vermont and Occidental College. His first film was Dark Side of the Street when he was only seven years old and since then he has appeared in numerous films like Chasing Amy, Good Will Hunting, Changing Lanes alongside Samuel L Jackson, Dare Devil and Runner Runner among others. He has three children with his wife though they broke apart in 2015. In his life, Affleck has dated high profile celebrities like Jennifer Lopez and Gwyneth Paltrow.


Ben Affleck plastic surgery

However just like other superstars, Affleck is thought to have undergone through some plastic surgery procedures in a bid to improve his looks. The filmmaker is thought to have undergone some face fit and botox procedures to improve his looks. If you take a closer look at his images you will not need to be convinced that, Affleck had received some cosmetic surgery procedures. At the age of 44 we expect him to be getting older and not younger. His latest images have left all his fans in awe because he looks like a 23 year old kid.

Some sources are saying that this film maker could have decided to change his looks after cheating on his ex-wife with his family’s nanny. Some doctors and plastic surgeons think that almost half of his face has been worked on making him not look like the original Benjamin. So people think that he is not really fit to be a real batman because he looks like Jack Nicholson’s joker. The doctors believe that he received Botox procedures over his eyes making him look completely different. Other doctors think that he overdid laser skin treatments on his face and cheek fillers. Some say that if he was trying to look older he failed it all because he now looks like Justin Bieber.

Ben Affleck before and after plastic surgery

Just like all other superstars Ben has refused to agree that he has undergone through any kind plastic surgery procedures. However, even a kid can easily see that he has completely changed. All the evidence is available in his numerous images that have been posted in social media. His case is not like that of Miley Cyrus-her changes can be hardly seen- because all the changes can be seen clearly. However there are some sources that try to argue that Ben Affleck has not undergone through any botox, face fit or any other cosmetic surgery procedures. They think that he is just lucky to be aging gracefully. Many people think that is a very lame argument because all the proof can be seen even by a seventy year old grandma, they think that he is passing through one of his worst nightmares in life because it is like a failed plastic surgery.


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