Billy Crystal plastic surgery

Billy Crystal and plastic surgery tweaks

What You Need to Know About Billy Crystal Plastic Surgery

Plastic surgery is common nowadays. People do plastic surgery to make their face looks younger or better than before. The procedure like face lifting and facial filler injection have been popular among many people to make their appearance look younger. Recently, Billy Crystal becomes the center of attention because of his non-aging face.

At the age 66 years old, Billy Crystal shows no aging signs at all. Billy Crystal might not be really famous as an actor, but he has stood up among others because of his face. Many people, even plastic surgeon, believe that he has done plastic surgery on his face as his face looks different in before and after.

Billy Crystal plastic surgery

What procedure is it actually? As you may know, his face when he was young is not far from his recent face. You may recognize it when you see that his wrinkles on the forehead and around his eyes are gone. As his skin on the face seems to go down, it is apparently that he has done face lifting to lift up his face skin. You can really see the difference on his face.

Other procedure that is likely to be done by the actor is botox injection. People do think so when they see his face looks so fresh and different from his old look which is a bit saggy at the cheek area. But as he has done the procedure, people find it hard at first to recognize him.

His appearance is really different from his previous look. His face which looks bigger with no wrinkles is almost unrecognizable. One shocking appearance again is the eyes. You may see that his eyes look fresh. People believe that he has done eyelid surgery to remove the wrinkles around his eyes and to make his eyes look fresh.

But is whether Billy Crystal really does plastic surgery or not, plastic surgeons are still debating about it. Some think that it is because of his gaining weight that he lost the saggy skin on his face but others really think that he has done plastic surgery to make his face looks younger than his real age.

At the age of 66 years old, it is really common to have wrinkles and if you see someone with no wrinkles at all and the face is really fresh, you can suspect that the person is having plastic surgery.

Billy Crystal before and after plastic surgery

Many celebrities have done plastic surgery to make their face looks younger and fresher. Some might find success in the procedure and the plastic surgery looks natural. But some others fail to have natural look and end up being unrecognizable. It happens to Billy Crystal as he looks really different from his previous look.

People are amazed mostly for his eyes appearance which are fresh and have no eye bag at all. They believe the surgery has been done well. But for some others, they are a bit disappointed with his appearance because they like his previous look which is more natural.


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