Blac Chyna plastic surgery

Blac Chyna plastic surgery Magical transformation

Magical transformation of Blac Chyna

Blac Chyna is one of the most popular celebrities in the recent Hollywood world. She is one of the hottest and most beautiful models of the world. She has amazing figure and eyes. She has posed more than 100 magazines for some beautiful pics.

She was born in 1989. She was known as Angela Renee White before her becoming to Blac Chyna. She has a black tone and the eyes of the Chinese. Then she was decided or influenced to rename herself as a Blac Chyna. Before taking the surgery she was posing in the various magazines and making some popularity. She has worked with Kim Kardashian. Blac Chyna has made a video song about romance and guilts. It was before her surgery and now it’s time to watch us all after Blac Chyna has taken the butt implant surgery what is she gonna offer.

Blac Chyna plastic surgery

Recently she went through a plastic surgery and change herself a lot. She become more beautiful than ever and hotter as well. Before the surgery she looked like simple models with black hair and Chinese eyes. But after the surgery she looks very different. It’s a good looking different. Now she has a sexier butt than ever. Her butt is big and round. Her lips became a little bigger and spreader. No doubt that it’s the effect of plastic surgery.

Butt implants, lips injections and cheek injections

There are many kinds of plastic surgery in the medical world. But the question of Blac Chyna fans is what type of plastic surgery she went through. After a lot of gossip and discussion she has posted some pictures of her beautiful body. It will show that her assets are bigger than ever.

Blac Chyna has done a butt implant surgery to increase her butt size. After watching the pictures there is no doubt that her surgery went successfully. Her bumps are now shakier and looks like a ton of bun. She has done some musical videos. In the videos she exposed her assets like Nicky Minaj. Now there is a question after successful butt surgery how she is going to show her bump?

Blac Chyna before and after plastic surgery


Blac Chyna has posted her new selfie on the instagram. It’s showing off her big curves. So it’s definitely a butt transplant. Well before posting this picture she has also keep showing her photos from her the age 16 to 27. Some of her fans have started to thinking that a fat injection in cheeks is also taken by her. Blac Chyna has accused her butt transformations but now she is proudly open to her ample bumps. Recently on her birthday she was wearing white jumping knitting suite. She shares photos of her heavy bottoms while entering in the car. She said that, “Too Much Cake” alongside two smiley emojis. So there is no doubt in the mind that she has taken butt impartment surgery to increase her butt size and decided to be sexier than ever. Now there is a saying that all the recent models are showing their butts as a attraction point. Blac Chyna plastic surgery has changed the view of before and after. So now it’s becoming the example of plastic surgery to pointing the differences between before and after. Blac Chyna now has become a role model of plastic surgery.


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