Blake Lively two minor plastic surgery procedures

About Blake Lively

Blake Lively’s incredibly successful career started once she was just eleven years old. Back then she appeared within the film known as “Sandman”, directed by her father. She always was very beautiful, with lovely hair and exceptional figure. Since the time she became famous, Blake Lively was in center of attention due to her love life. She was dating her workfellow and on-screen pair Penn Badgley. once she was engaged on the movie known as Green Lantern, she met Ryan Reynolds and they began dating. He was married to actress Scarlet Johanson,however they separated , and in 2012 Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively got married. They currently live in Bedford, New York. Once again, Blake Lively cosmetic surgery procedures place her in center of media attention. As a result of plastic surgery her face now looks totally different and she looks better than ever.

Blake Lively cosmetic procedure

Blake Lively plastic surgery procedures

You don’t have to be a plastic surgery expert to note the distinction on this beautiful actress. If browse some Blake Lively before and after plastic surgery photos you may notice some variations. She has done two plastic surgeriesNose job and Breast augmentation.
If you inspect Blake Lively before cosmetic surgery photos, you may notice that her nose was totally different. Her nose was pretty huge, however now it’s a little bit smaller and it’s additionally more narrower. Blake Lively nose job really improved her appearance, and her face is even prettier these days, and everything on her looks simply excellent.

Blake Lively nose job before and after

Before these procedures her chests was totally different. She didn’t have breasts size like now days, which implies that Blake Lively also did a breast augmentation and it was an normal decision. Her breasts look just like they are supposed to – not too huge. A lot of celebrities tent to go a little to far but Blake Livelly did just the right amount and the form is ideal. Procedures improved her appearance, and she is even prettier and she was and now she has more self confidence now.


When rumors about Blake Lively plastic surgery started, many people were intrigued why this already beautiful celebrity would need to alter one thing on her self. In reality Blake Lively wasn’t too happy regarding the dimensions and form of her nose,and she wished to alter that. Above all, celebrity nose jobs became so common, and Blake’s rhinoplasty is one among the simplest ever made in Hollywood. Her face stayed constant, however her nose fits her face better than ever, it’s merely more appropriate. She used to have very tiny breasts, and she most likely felt bad and less secure because of that. She didn’t made them oversized, she again picked the simplest solution for her silhouette and body form. Yes, you’ll notice that she has breast implants, however just because of their shape, not because their size.

Blake Lively before and after breast augmentation


Considering she is still a very is young girl, many folks assume that those plastic surgery procedures weren’t necessary. On the other hand, if the procedures where done in a subtle way like in her case, why not? It had been nothing too excessive, her face remains constant, and her figure is sweet as always. She didn’t ruin her appearance, she merely improved it. For some, she looked cuter before the cosmetic surgery procedures, and for a majority she now looks better. She isn’t the only young lady that set to go underneath knife, for example some of her colegues like Naya Rivera did the same thing. Blake Lively is now prettier than ever, she has a ton of self esteem and those two minor plastic surgery procedures just gave her a little boost.

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