Bradley Cooper plastic surgery

Bradley Cooper – Plastic Surgery or not?

A lot of people are talking about how good looking the 40 something years old Bradley Cooper is. He still looks fresh and ageless despite the years on his sleeves. From his 1st outing in a TV Sitcom (Sex and The City, 1999) as Jake, up to his annoying extra gig in the hit movie, The Wedding Crasher, up to his upcoming new movie, Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 2(which will be out in 2017), a lot (not including any gray lines, if there is any), has been changed in his looks that people started to think that he went under the knife. And they might be basing from the before and after pictures they are seeing online to say such things.

Bradley Cooper plastic surgery

Some compelling speculations surfaced asking if he did have been seeing plastic surgeons in the past. One prominent doctor from Miami, Dr. Michael Salzhauer, mentioned that he may have had his nose subjected to Rhinoplasty. He said that it seemed to make his nose more distinguished and refined. Coming from an untrained eye, one can see that there is not much of a change from the old and the current picture we see but who knows? There are a lot of great and skillful doctors now in the market and plastic surgery has been a norm to almost everyone in the business.

Some people are also intrigued on how he managed to keep his skin youthful and glowing. Others noticed his high hairline before and finding it missing and healthy now. And these speculators are quick to point out chemical peel and Botox as the culprit on how he managed to look young and fresh up to this day due to the disappearance of some wrinkles and crags on his face. Up until now, suspicions that he could be using silicone scar sheets, scar reduction creams and gels and Kelo-cote products to heal the scars he suffered from a teenage incident, are still high.

But did he really undergone procedures to achieve the looks he has now? Admittedly, he did say that he had corrective surgery on several cuts and gashes on his face when he was 15 years old. He got the injury after accidentally walking into a shattered glass lamp. He mentioned that for several weeks, he ca not manage to move even a bit of the injured part of his face and that prompted him to get the procedure.

Bradley Cooper before and after plastic surgery

And yes, how can we leave the fact that he has intentions to enter show business? That might be the main reason that made him underwent the operation.
Although he did not mentioned if he was operated for it, he also mentioned about an accident in one of his diving trips when he was a kid, which punctured his eardrum. He says that he now has a hole in his eardrums and every time he went swimming, he would need an earplug to protect it.
Being considered as naturally rugged and handsome, it seems that he haven’t visited any plastic surgeon as of late. Maybe with his work out regimes and his decision to grow out his hair makes him look ravishing, handsome and different up to now.

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