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Brooke Hogan: Before and after a series of plastic surgeries


Brooke Hogan is an American born celebrity who may be known by many for her role in the reality TV show and as a model. Others know her because of her Dad’s success in the World Wrestling competition. Of course, she is the only daughter of the once World Wrestling Champion, Hulk Hogan.
Like most celebrities Brooke Hogan too has had the taste of the knife. A rejuvenating program that most women particularly celebrities are finding hard to resist. But before we look in to that, let us first check on Brooke’s amazing body before plastic surgery. Judging by her appearance, Brooke had pretty face with slightly sagging breasts. The nose appears a bit bulgy.

Brook Hogan breast job

Brooke Hogan after a series of surgeries

As revealed from different sources, Brooke had her first surgery at a tender age. She was only 19 years old when she went for a breast implant. The result was an increase in the size of her breasts from a B cup size to D. Her new look on her chest area suggests a wider and fuller bust than she had before. The breast augmentation was a success, it doesn’t look artificial. Even expert surgeons thought of her to have had Silicon implant for her Breast augmentation. Most probably, this must have been done by a professional.


Brook Hogan breast augmentation

Next was a Botox regiment though, the outcome wasn’t very pleasing since it gave a quite older look than she is. The outcome must have been so due to her early involvement in plastic surgery procedures at an early age. A keen look at her face reveals traces of slight wrinkles and jowls. This is definitely one of the undesired outcomes associated with surgeries and a rare sign for people in their early 20s. Botox procedure involves injecting the facial muscles with a prescription medicine called onabotulinumtoxinA to make the skin firmer, smoother and shiny. It is a risky venture but somehow hard to resist if you are yearning for a younger and appealing face. It is also used as a remedy to get rid of aging lines and frown lines between the eyebrows.


Brook Hogan nose job

There is no doubt that Brook’s wasn’t satisfied with what her nose looked like. She had a nose job that made her nose a little thinner and elongated, almost similar to Michael Jackson’s nose. Rhinoplasty is a technical term for nose job. It is a kind of surgery usually done to change the shape and size of a nose, improve its breathing function or to correct out of an out proportion structure of the same due to birth defect. With any doubts, Brook’s intention for the nose job wasn’t for medical reasons but simply to add on her beauty. The before and after surgery appearances says it all.
Truly speaking, the hot and sexy TV star and model has not changed much, she still has perfect look. Though, others may argue that her beauty is an enhanced one, that doesn’t really matter a lot, stars must shine in all ways. There are as so many who are envious of her appealing smooth and glowing face. Her enhanced breasts are just a perfect match for her 6 foot height stature.


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