Brooke Shields plastic surgery

Brooke Shields is looking beautiful. Plastic surgery helped?

Brooke Shields is looking beautiful. Plastic surgery helped?

Brooke Shields is still one beautiful mother even at the age of 50. Her career has made her look more beautiful and younger each year. The actress and model still act in movies and television shows. She has featured in some movies such as Furry Vengeance, The Greening of Whitney Brown, Hannah Montana, The Hot Flashes and The Other Guys. So what is it about this actress that makes her look so stunning and young? In her earlier interviews, the Endless Love star came clean of having Botox. She said she would not have any other plastic surgery because she did not like the outcomes of Botox. She has however continued having laser treatments as a way of eliminating her wrinkles.

Even if she has confessed of quitting any plastic surgeries, her before and after pictures have given different alternatives. Below are various plastic surgeries that Brooke Shields has undergone:

Brooke Shields plastic surgery

The Eyebrows

The actress has been known to have sturdy eyebrows from the moment she first appeared on television. Sources say that a fuller brow makes someone look younger than you actually are. Also, a distinct brow does create a perfect outline that makes the eyes look bigger and have a raised face. Her recent pictures show her having fuller brows compared to her before photos. This has made the actress look younger than her age which is evidence that she might be undergoing plastic surgery.

The Teeth

Brooke Shields teeth are round, natural and beautiful giving her a feminine and youthful look whenever she is in public or on TV. Cosmetic dentists say that if your teeth have a slight wear and are a bit squared off on edge; this might give you an older look. It is believed that the actress had slight reshaping to round out the edges of her teeth. Rumors say that she did this to enhance her natural beauty. Her teeth are also well aligned.

The Lips

One of the reasons why Brooke Shields looks so beautiful is her fuller pout on her lips. The actress before pictures show her having grin lips but what we are seeing in her recent pictures is an actress with a fuller pout lips. The fact that she has properly aligned teeth, Brooke’s entire face, as well as the lips, appears to look fuller and much symmetrical.

Brooke Shields before and after plastic surgery

Nose Job

Rumors say that Brooke has had Rhinoplasty. Her recent pictures show that her nose is tremendously narrow and straight compared to her before pictures. The nose has a perfect tip giving her a notably stunning face. Plastic surgery has enabled her to uphold on her arched eyebrows as well as a brow lift which makes the actress have a young look.


Rumors say that Brooke Shield has had Botox injections as well as some facial filler to get rid of her wrinkles. When she was interviewed about it, she admitted to using Botox but said she stopped using it. Her recent pictures show that her facial features are more pronounced compared to her before pictures. It is evidence that she has continued using Botox over the recent years.


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