Brooklyn Decker plastic surgery

Brooklyn Decker plastic surgery and new hair style!

Brooklyn Decker, an American Model and famous young actress who is best known for her stunning appearances for the sports swimsuit issues and also appeared on the front / cover page of this issue for year 2010. She also worked for the Victoria’s Secret swim collections during year 2010. She was born on April 12, 1987 in the Ohio State of the United States. However, after just little time she jumped to television programs and gave her guest appearances for several television shows like the Chuck, Ugly Betty and The League. The television screen was not the only destination for this young actress and she debut her first movie, Just Go with it and after getting enough fame from this movie, she gave back to back performances in the Battleship, What to expect when you’re expecting and much more. Till dated, she has won Teen Choice Award in year 2011 and the Razzie Awards for consecutive two years, 2012 and 2013.

Brooklyn Decker before and after plastic surgery

Brooklyn Decker plastic surgery

After grabbing lot of success in the film industry and winning of many awards she was somehow criticized in the movie “What expect when you’re expecting” but the movie was successful enough to make $ 84 million over the $ 40 million total cost incurred. She was nominated for worst supporting actress awards as well in the second Golden Raspberry Awards. However, she made a stunning appearance in her Sports Illustrated swim suit Issue. The model appeared with smart and sexier looking body in the issue and it was hard to imagine that she is Brooklyn Decker. All the fans of her were in common doubt that the young actress had undergone for her breast augmentation as her breasts were severely uplifted and even more prominent than ever before. According to many critics, she might have done this to gain fame in the industry but whatsoever, she had adopted was marvelous and well suited to her new look.

Brooklyn Decker before and after plastic surgery

To remove the doubt, many critics reached different surgeons to know the truth. When one of the most recognized surgeons, Dr. Jennifer Walden, had look on her past and present photos, he was quite confident that Brooklyn must have undergone some breast surgery and it also includes clues of Botox on her forehead. There are few scars on her forehead but these scars are not available in her recent photograph, she gave on her swim suit issue. According to many sources, she had nose bit wider and long before 2009. She also had undergone her nose surgery as the existing shape was not matching her new body shape. The new breast shape has got bigger, uplifted, and round but previously she was only having nice breast hung towards her arms.

Therefore, many visible clues are there about her multiple surgeries and it is also expected that the actress has shown her willingness that she might have cosmetic surgery when she gets into her old age. She also changed her hair style after her possible surgeries and converted into blonde color.



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