Bruce Willis plastic surgery

Bruce Willis Masculinity and plastic surgery

Bruce Willis  Masculinity and plastic surgery

Bruce Willis was born in the year 1955, and this 61-year-old expert actor continues showing masculinity despite him aging. He is an American singer, actor, and producer. He has attained several awards in his acting career, and people recognize him as an actor who at all times play masculine action roles. There is no doubt that Bruce Willis has well built strong muscular body. Most females have adored his body even to date despite him aging stylishly.

Bruce Willis appears much younger than his real age which makes many people speculate the secret behind his “young“ looks. Many people rumor that he might have gone for plastic surgery to make his look appear younger. Bruce Willis says he is not a fan of cosmetic procedures like many people and stars are. The star further said that he has no plans of going for plastic surgery like many male actors do just as much as women.

Bruce Willis plastic surgery


The experienced and expert action movie star must have gone for Botox injections regularly. His recent photos show that his forehead has remained tight and that he has no sagging skin as well. As we all know that Botox is commonly used by aging stars, it is also likely that Bruce is not an exemption for this either. The reason that he is 61 years of age and doesn’t appear to have wrinkles and lines on his face, make people speculate that this is using Botox.

It is crystal clear that women commonly use Botox more than men; however, you will truly be in agreement that men and women are equivalent when it comes to the film industry. They correspond in the fact that they should look perfect while in the camera always. They should also look superior for their characters in the movies as well as should look good whenever they are attending events. Therefore a movie star like Bruce Willis would look odd when he appears old in the movie whereas he should perform masculine roles like wars and fights like he does. It is obvious that you will appear superior with guns when you are looking young and handsome as well. Thus, his career must have made him use Botox.

Bruce Willis before and after plastic surgery


Bruce Willis appears to have undergone a nose job procedure. Photos show that in between his Die Hard and Moonlight movies, Willi’s nose had become narrower than before. This is evidence that the masculine actor has gone for plastic surgery procedures despite him rejecting those claims.


Bruce Willis before pictures, when in the movie shows him wearing a hairpiece. He has also worn amusing wigs and hairpieces to jab fun because he has a bald head. He has as well been seen wearing a toupee but later seen go bald in several movies. The actor’s hairline has been diminishing at a fast rate for many years.

Even if Bruce denies all the speculations by saying that his appearance is natural, many of his fans would rather see him stay handsome and young then see him age. Therefore, whether or not Willis goes for cosmetic surgery, his fans will always admire his looks.


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