Calista Flockhart plastic surgery

Calista Flockhart – Ally McBeal also uses Plastic Surgery

There is no secret that Americans are fascinated by plastic surgery habits, predominantly the leading actors and actresses of Hollywood.

Calista Flockhart has turned 51 in November of 2015, but her look does not go with her real age. Since Calista Flockhart looks bright and younger than other women in her age, some people wondered that the actress certainly has done something to support her beauty and youthful look. Calista Flockhart has risen to fame with TV’s Ally McBeal. This Emmy nominee actress has appeared in a selection of small and silver-screen hits, including Brothers & Sisters and the Birdcage. She was casted for CBS’ Super Girl.

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Have Calista Flockhart done Plastic Surgery?

Calista Flockhart has appeared to have undergone a series of plastic surgery, according to multiple sources. Because she has not only the lovely star look but also she looks younger and beautiful than normal. Doctors have commented that her lips showed fuller and her nose looks less round than past. One plastic surgeon added that the actress’s cheekbones appeared outstanding and her face is more firmed.

Some critics have wondered on what ways Calista Flockhart have undergone — Botox and partial lower face lift are the most likely choices. In addition, some cosmetic surgeons assumed that she have had fillers to curvy her lips.

Despite the extensive rumor, Flockart’s representatives were quick to deny any surgery reports and insisted that the actress’s look is fully natural. But the fans and critics will always doubt as long as the actress relics silent. Whether or not Flockhart underwent any cosmetic improvement, all doctors, critics and fans seem to be in agreement in one point, that is, the actress looks beautiful than before. This actress has managed to keep her freshness and beauty while some stars look even worse after cosmetic surgery.

Calista Flockhart Lips Plastic Surgery Before and After

One of the most noticeable sign of Calista Flockhart Plastic Surgery is her lips before and after. Critics and fans noticed that her lips look full and fleshy recently. The new-fangled shape of the lips is measured as one of the best looking parts of this actress’s body. Some plastic surgeons assumed that it can be a result of lip injections, for example restylane or collagen.

Calista Flockhart is not the only actress who supposedly had lip stuffing injection. There are still many Hollywood actresses who are also accounted having this cosmetic surgery.

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Calista Flockhart Nose Plastic Surgery Before and After

Besides having lip extension she was also accounted having nose plastic surgery that is renowned as rhinoplasty surgery. Her nose looks thinner and pinched in these days though it was round and large. This change is not possible without any plastic surgery. This nose job is not new anymore for Hollywood actresses. There are many of them apparently got this rhinoplasty surgery to improve the shape of their nose.

Some people assumed that she have undergone other plastic surgery procedures except lip injections and nose job. Because her cheekbones look outstanding, her cheeks still look high that is not possible in this age.


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