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Cameron Diaz is quite an outstandingly eminent American actress and model who is not only a marvelous actor, but at the same time she is markedly beautiful. Fans had mentioned that Cameron Diaz had numerous plastic surgeries to boost her appearance and this seemed to shock many. Despite her being beautiful, the actress has admitted to have undergone several plastic surgeries. In the past few years, she admitted the fact that she had undergone through a cosmetic and several nose plastic surgeries. In fact, she had said to have had four time nose job (rhinoplasty). She defended herself during an interview on the media that she was having a deviated septum and breathing problems, therefore, rhinoplasty was essential to fix them.

Cameron Diaz before and after plastic surgery

Cameron Diaz plastic surgery Before & After

She was also rumored to have a deal with Botox or fillers. By judging her recent photos, it is pretty obvious that her face looks fresher, shiner, and more smooth than before. Basically, this is a clear indication that Botox or fillers play a huge role in creating such striking look.

In addition, her face looks puffier and fuller than ever it could be; all this is as a result of filler injection. Fillers can effectively reduce wrinkles, however, when overused, they are likely to give you such a bloated, puffy face and chipmunk cheeks. Well, for Cameron’s case, it is not that easy to tell whether her fuller face resulted from filler injection or weight gain.

Even though it has not been confirmed yet, you may believe that Cameron had undergone a breast augmentation if you compare her old photos and the most recent ones. With no doubt, it does appear that her breast size is slightly bigger than before.

Cameron Diaz before and after plastic surgery

In her recent book titled The Body Book, she confessed about the plastic surgery she had undergone through. She revealed to have the surgeries not just once, but has undergone this procedure several times, a reason she appears weirder day after day. Additionally, she has undergone breast implants and nose jobs, which got much more evident in the year 2012. Contrary, she had denied ever having had any breast implants and even said she would never let herself get a knife for such a procedure.

In Cameron Diaz lifestyle guide, she regrets to have a deal with Botox, as it only made her face to look weird and she claims that she would prefer aging naturally. Surprisingly, she added that the way that face looked on her after Botox made her think that the face was not really hers anymore. She admits that her plastic surgery did not go well as she expected and even the actress herself claims to have been very disappointed by the end results.

Conclusively, you may agree with me that a flotilla of plastic surgeries have completely transformed Cameron’s natural self. Without any doubt, she no more looks as enchanting as amiable as she would before. She appears to be more freakish and ridiculously different, forlornly, not as appealing as she was some years ago.


What do You think about Cameron Diaz plastic surgery? Was it done for medical reasons of just for beauty?




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