Carice van Houten plastic surgery

Carice van Houten Underwent Plastic Surgery

The Before and After Pictures of Carice Van Houten Proves She Underwent Plastic Surgery

The strikingly beautiful Carice Van Houten, who is an actress on HBO drama series Game of Thrones playing the role of Melisandre came back on the scenes looking much younger than before. The before and after pictures only goes to rubberstamp the rumors that were going around in celebrity circles that she had plastic surgery.

Carice Van Houten was born in September 1976 in Netherlands. She is a successful actress and a singer having been exposed to the performing arts by her famous father at an early age. The father Theodore Van Houten was a writer and a theater radio producer.

Carice Van Houten pictures started a storm on social media with her fans claiming that she looked completely different from the before and after pictures. Journalists did not spare her as they began asking her blatantly if she had plastic surgery? She finally admitted that she had non-invasive kind of plastic surgery called CACI microlift.

Carice van Houten plastic surgery

She is not alone in opting for a non-invasive plastic surgery, other celebrities like Madonna and Jennifer Lopez have used CACI microlift to keep their skin looking young and glowing throughout. Most of the non-invasive plastic surgery options involve facial treatments which vary depending on what someone is looking for.

For instance, there are the anti-aging option, hydrating and rejuvenating non-invasive plastic surgery procedures. The technology behind these non-invasive plastic surgery procedures is top notch. The microcurrent stimulation ensures that electrical impulses that mirror the body’s bioelectrical field pass through the skin. As such, the microcurrent stimulation boosts blood circulation, increases penetration of active skin ingredients, promotes the production of elastin and collagen, protein synthesis increases among other benefits. Carice Van Houten might have opted for the option because the procedure is painless and the only sensation is that of a mild tingling on the skin surface. The microcurrent aesthetics ensures that the facial skin is toned or lifted.

Carice van Houten plastic surgery

Over the years, muscles contract and form frown lines or they elongate and sag. As such, microcurrent stimulation offers a solution that makes the before and after changes very dramatic, to say the least. Working the muscles outward, lengthens it hence reducing the frown lines, while working the muscles inwards, reduces them. For extraordinary results, you ought to go for the microcurrent treatment for about twelve times.

Microdermabrasion is another form of non-invasive plastic surgery procedure that many celebrities like Carice Van Houten may have used to make their before and after looks amazingly pretty. The technology involves hastening exfoliation and cell renewal of the skin by the body. The process involves removing the dead skin by light abrasion, and in the process, a beautiful, youthful looking skin is revealed.

Therefore, non-invasive plastic surgery beauty procedures may be the answer to eternal youthfulness as Carice Van Houten’s before and after photos show. The procedure is a hit among many Hollywood and international celebrities. Time may be the only indicator of how far technological advancements in the beauty world may take us, but we can bet on non-invasive plastic surgery trends going up.


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