Carrie Underwood plastic surgery

Carrie Underwood Plastic surgery modifications

Carrie Underwood has been a well-known American songwriter, actress and singer; her fame is traced back in 2003 when she secured American Idol award. Rumors has it that she has undergone some surgical modifications being the reason behind her spectacular look. Most have claimed that her recent pictures compared to those taken some years back display her with a smoother line and sharp features. Several surgeons have also claimed a possibility of Carrie to have gone under a knife for a prettier look. . What is your take on this?

Carrie Underwood before and after plastic surgery

Carrie Underwood plastic surgery

Sources reveal that she has had lip injections, breast augmentation, forehead and a nose job. A report given by Dr. Jon Perlman further supports the allegations stating that, this beauty must have been subjected to rhinoplasty responsible for her natural bump reduction and a widened bridge. Many decades have passed yet her beauty has no signs of fading. Is it her natural beauty or the surgery accusations roots of her gorgeous physique? I bet the surgery option has it.

Starting with the nose, you can easily notice the changes; definitely that’s a nose job upshot. Her nose now looks narrower from photo comparisons of her previous snaps to current ones. Additionally, its tip is more sharp but less prominent than before. All these features pull together to a more feminine and smaller nose. Did she really need that? Well,fans have mixed reactions, most of them condemning the act. Her previous natural nose has been praised to be prettier than the present modified one. It would be appealing if she had opted for simple make up and lighting products rather than going for plastic surgery. It’s a fail as per her fans’s views.

The lips have it too. At 31, Botox can be the main booster for her beautiful lips. They are now a bit raised than their previous state some time back. Though she has not come out to accept the rumors, I guess the evidence is clear to assert them. Celebrities are always full of surprises. Who knows what she’s up to for her beauty maintenance?

Carrie Underwood before and after plastic surgery

Was Carrie Underwood Plastic surgery really necessary?

You may wonder why Underwood decided to go for the plastic surgery. Maybe it might be because of pressure divas are exposed to in order to maintain their beautiful and young status. Personally I don’t blame her for it; she was growing old with her beauty diminishing slowly. I don’t think she would go for the knife alternative if it wasn’t that necessary. After all, the results are not bad. She still has that charming look making her an admired icon for most of her enthusiasts despite her age.

The entertainment industry is among the most competitive sector. Superstars have to make sure individual standards and images are kept high to safeguard hearts of many followers as possible. Be sure they can do even the impossible to achieve this. Just as many other celebs that have undergone surgical operations, Carrie Underwood is not left out of it. The whole thing is about beauty, attraction and attention. All in all, she has succeeded at maintaining her charming look.


What do you think about Carrie Underwood plastic surgery? Does she look better after plastic surgery than before?



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