Carrot Top plastic surgery

Carrot Top (Scott Thompson) Plastic surgery for ugly looks !

Carrot Top (Scott Thompson) is one of the greatest American comedians. He is a prof that plastic surgery is not meant only for actresses and music stars and that all celebrities are using it. Well, Carrot Top went over the edge and became one of the plastic surgery disasters.

Carrot Top before plastic surgery, had a totally different face. From funny red haired guy he became funny weird redhead looking guy that changed his look using steroids and plastic surgery. After his change, his fans never miss an opportunity to make jokes about his face and body. Well he is still Americas funniest man and he never misses an opportunity to make jokes about his looks.

Carrot Top before and after plastic surgery

Carrot Top Plastic Surgery

Back in 1995, Carrot Top decided to go under the knife. Since plastic surgery has become very popular among celebrities, he decided to give it a try. Manny stars, like him, after trying plastic surgery didn’t get results they wanted and their face now looks totally weird. Even though everyone was surprised with his new looks, that didn’t have bad impact on his popularity. As it turned out, people like his jokes and his face is just one of them.

Since plastic surgery didn’t go well for Carrot Top, his fans wonder if he has lost his mind. He definitely didn’t loose his sense of humor. He managed to turn all negative comments and rumors into jokes. He just can’t hide that he is a different person today than he was 20 years ago before plastic surgery. When you look at before and after images, it’s like You are looking at two different persons. Carrot Top face today shows that he had probably two or more facelift surgeries. His skin looks unnatural and too tight and as it is stretched. He is probably using Botox all the time. His face is lacking natural expressions and it looks like he is wearing a mask. His fans find that kind of face just horrible but as always he managed to make joke out of it.

Carrot Top And Steroid Abuse

Looking at his body it is clear that he’s been using steroids for quite some time. His plastic surgery gone wrong face doesn’t really match with his body builder body. He still lifts weights and he has big arms and refine torso, abs and legs and looks bulky overall. In Hollywood it is normal for celebs to use steroids and inject Botox but for him it has given strange results.

Carrot Top before and after plastic surgery


I can’t say that he looks ugly but for someone that had so specific face and hear, it could of been expected that plastic surgery can go terribly wrong. He now looks a little bit scary I could say. My question is – what made him go for plastic surgery? Was it some kind of insecurity? Or he wanted to look beautiful? I don’t think it was to hide age because he started using it at very young age.

I think he will not stop there. The lack of self esteem and fear of getting old will have as result going under the knife some more. Well, we will report on that when it breaks the news 🙂


What do you think about Carrot Top plastic surgery? Will he go for some more? Leave your comment!


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