Cate Blanchett plastic surgery

Cate Blanchett is using plastic surgery?

Cate Blanchett Plastic Surgeries

Cate Blanchett was born on 14th May in the year 1969 in Melbourne, Australia. She has won various awards such as Golden Globe Award, Academy Award, Guild Award, Screen Actress Award and many others. She studied at Melbourne University. She later attended the National Institute of Dramatic Art to study acting. Cate began her acting career in the year 1992 in a stage show called Geoffrey Rush. From that time, Cate has featured in various movies such as Police Rescue, The Gift, The Hobbit, Elizabeth, The Lord of the Rings and many others.

Cate Blanchett plastic surgery

Has Cate Blanchett undergone Plastic Surgery?

Plastic surgery is an alternative to making you enhance your looks, and for Cate Blanchett, she is no exemption to it. When you have a successful career in the film industry and you become a model or a star like Blanchett, you will definitely get criticism about cosmetic surgery despite whether you have had it or not.

Over the past 16 or so years, Cate’s appearance has totally changed and become younger than you would expect. People speculate that she must have benefited from skin care which is plastic surgery procedures. No one can deny Cate’s excellent skills in acting, professionalism and also her versatility as well. However, the thing that has been running in people’s mind is what has made her looks appear better and better over the recent years. Rumors say that Cate must be using plastic surgery procedure to enhance her looks which in some way makes sense. Rumors also say that Cate is among those celebs who have taken good care of themselves by doing workout activities as well as having balanced and healthy diets.


The 47-year-old star is rumored of having had facelift procedures. Looking at her before photos, we see Cate having undergone some changes around her cheeks and forehead as well. In her recent pictures, we see Cate having a more pronounced forehead and cheeks as well. These are clear evidence that Blanchett has had facelift procedures in the past years.

Cate Blanchett before and after plastic surgery


Cate is also not an exception to Botox injections. At her age, we should see some aging signs which are indicated by wrinkles and also sagging skin around her eyes, but this is completely different with Cate. Comparing her before and recent pictures, you will note that she has remained the same and still shows no signs of aging. It is believed that Cate had Botox injections around her eyes and cheeks as well that is why she has no sagging skin in her eyes. The fact that she has no wrinkles at the age of 47 is another factor that many of her fans have considered to criticize her. This actress seems to be aging naturally and still maintains her youthful looks.


When you look at Cate’s before and after picture properly, you will notice that her nose has also changed a lot. Looking at her before pictures, Cate’s nose did not appear to be upright and smooth. However, her recent photos show Cate having a more refined nose with some minor changes in the nasal area.


It appears that the 47-year-old is aging in a natural way even if she does not seem to show to be a fan of plastic surgery, but just to be sincere, she looks stunning.


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